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2015 10 Social Ride

Written by Joshua Goran
Tuesday, 24 February 2015 15:25

October 3, 2015 Social Ride: Spooky Places

Since we will be starting our new Shop Class series on Saturday, October 3rd at 9am, the Social ride this month will be lead entirely by League Cycling Instructors Kevin Cronin and Lou Powers and Our Guest Expert will be Marty Cader, bikeway planner for the Cleveland Planning Commission.

In the past the October ride has explored Cleveland's Spookiest Places in anticipation of our traditional Ghost Ride around Halloween, but since our advocacy partners will be in attendance and I (Jim) won't, we're changing the theme to Cleveland's Scariest Places -- as in scary traffic environments -- because Bike Cleveland has some recent news about scarily-engineered bike facilities that bears repeating in situ, and lots of upcoming work to make sure that this theme is not continued...  

Route map is here.

A partial list from Bike Cleveland of what we'll visit:

Franklin Hill:
While the street has very little car traffic, there are deep cracks in the pavement from the bluff slowly sinking into the river. What’s scary about that? Besides some serious diversion hazards, you never know when the whole thing might just slide into the river.

W. 25th:
Buffered bike lanes, where the buffer created more separation between motor-vehicles and people on bikes are common place in cities across the country. In Cleveland, on W. 25th Street, we felt it was important to buffer the curb, putting the bikes closed to the moving automobile traffic. Missed opportunity to make this street less scary for the less experienced/confident cyclists. Bike Cleveland continues to push the city to prevent this type of design in the future.

Detroit Superior Bridge:
The southern most lane, once closed to automobile traffic until 1969 is now one of the scariest places to ride in Cleveland, especially during rush hour. Bike Cleveland is working with the City of Cleveland and NOACA to do analysis and provide recommendations for closing this lane once again to car traffic.

Bike Rack: 
Not scary, but a cool place. Bike Cleveland is doing a BTWD event here on Oct. 2nd 7am-9am, free coffee and bagels.

Eagle Ave: 
There have been stories of bikes being stolen when locked up to posts, of people being tackled for riding through here during events. TO dispel the scary stories Bike Cleveland worked with the Indians to place bike racks and place signage communicating to people on bikes that you can not ride through here during events.

Ontario Ave: 
As wide as a freeway, which allows cars to travel well above the posted speed limit, this it is a key north-south connection to Broadway Ave and the Lorain Carnegie Bridge. Bike Cleveland and the CUDC have a plan to create a separated bikeway on the east side of Ontario to make a safe-stress free connection.

Lorain and W. 20th
If you are headed east on Lorain it can be a stressful experience making a left at W. 20th to get onto the separated multi-use trail. The approaches on both ends of this excellent MUP (Multi Use Path) were not part of ODOT's scope of work, so they are, well, not

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Beer Week with OCBC and Sierra Nevada at Stone Mad Pub

Written by Eric Gearhart
Monday, 28 September 2015 10:04

Join OCBC and Sierra Nevada Brewing Company at Stone Mad Pub to celebrate Cleveland Beer Week 2015. On Monday, October 12th from 5pm-8pm the folks at Sierra Nevada will be partnering with OCBC to give discounted pours of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in exchange for good condition bicycle parts. The first 50 people to donate a bicycle part will receive $1 off on their first beer. OCBC staff will be doing bike clinics and there will be bike tire bowling in addition to bocce. Stone Mad will be providing complimentary pizza for attendees. To join the event see Stone Mad Pub's event page.


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2015 Ghost Ride

Written by Eric Gearhart
Monday, 28 September 2015 09:48

OCBC will be hosting a free group ride at 7pm on Saturday, October 31st, dubbed Ghost Ride! partly in honor of those clever characters who can ride two bikes at once, and partly for other, more obscure reasons.

This yearly tradition, almost as old as the co-op itself, is an opportunity to dress up yourself, dress up your bike, and go scare some trick-or-treaters. We will be riding from the Co-op to the Cleveland Public Theatre located on Detroit Ave. near the corner with west 65th. WCSB, Cleveland State University's college radio will be holding its annual Halloween bash featuring lots of live music at the theatre so feel free to take part in that as well. The Ghost Ride! has traditionally been an annual event but it will henceforth only be taking place in those years when Halloween falls on a Saturday. That's right, this is your only chance for the next 6 years to take part in the infamous Ghost Ride! 

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