This is the easiest way we’ve found to help anyone to not crash their bike: once a month we have a brief discussion and slide show about how bike crashes happen, and then go for a ride to see how to avoid them. Based on the League of American Bicyclists’ Ride Smart program, this is a short version of their 9 hour Traffic Skills 101 course (but without the written and on-road tests, or certificate of completion), so we cover just the basics of what everyone needs to know to ride safely and comfortably in traffic. This includes:

  • Traffic laws for cyclists
  • Causes of accidents,
  • Practicing essential handling skills in a closed lot
  • A short ride to look at how to handle different traffic situations

Follow this link to learn more!

We will notify you in case class is cancelled — which will happen if there are not at least three students signed up by the Wednesday before the class — and email a reminder and some class-preparation information two days before your class.

Traffic Skills Ride
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