neon by Jeffry Chiplis



To volunteer, you must have already taken the orientation, and volunteered at least 3 times in the last year to participate, but if you haven’t, come in any Wednesday at 7pm and get an orientation!

We are looking for people who want to help load in and out and staff our booth, as well as creative types who might want to help us make some very useful bike accessories from recycled bike parts ahead of the event. If you are interested, let us know here!

Ingenuity 2018 will take place September 28-30 at the Hamilton Collaborative in Saint Clair Superior. Ingenuity’s mission is to ignite the creative spark where the arts, science, and technology intersect. By animating Cleveland’s urban spaces with world-class, innovative experiences, Ingenuity provides a unique platform to explore the boundaries of art and technology. If you can’t volunteer, stop by and see us at our booth anyway! We will have t-shirts, bike art and other trinkets, and as always flyers and information about our programs.