November 15 Update: Al is coming back today, National Philanthropy Day! Thank you to those who have given already. The campaign isn’t over though, there is still time to give! Any amount helps, even if its only $10, And thanks to our friends at the Common Ground project of the Cleveland Foundation, your donation will be matched till we reach our goal, or the end of the campaign. Please help us reach our goals, and continue our mission to help all people use bikes. We are also still offering 2 free tickets to Cyclebrate II for donors of $100 dollars or more. For more info, continue to read below, or go to the link to learn more.

Oct. 30 update: We are offering all OCBC financial donors of $100 or more 2 FREE ticket to Cyclebrate II, our upcoming winter fashion show and fun[d]raiser, and that goes for donors to this project as well.  See more details in the “Update” on our ioby page, and we hope to see you at Cyclebrate II!

Oct. 26th update: Thanks to everyone who has donated so far: you have ensured that Al has a place to stay in CO!

We sent Al to Colorado to see how the old pros do bike education at the Barnett Bicycle Institute — and we are preparing for next year by ramping up some long-planned improvements to our Shop Class curriculum and infrastructure and equipment of the shop itself.  These are the first steps toward creating an actual apprentice program, which is a tall order, but now is the time to get started.  Cleveland Neighborhood Progress has kindly covered Al’s tuition, and now we are looking to the broader community to support his expenses, and some of our other needs to get this started.

By donating through this ioby campaign, your donation will be matched by the Common Ground project of the Cleveland Foundation. We hope you can do so soon. These are just the first steps, but as soon as we reach our goal it will bring some tangible benefits for all our students, volunteers, and visitors.  Please help by donating now.