We have been hard at work preparing for next year by ramping up some long-planned improvements to our Shop Class curriculum and infrastructure and equipment of the shop itself.  These are the first steps toward creating an actual apprentice program, and we are really excited about this.

The first thing you will see is a return of our bike basics series, four 1 hour classes covering bike fit, changing tires, brake adjustments, and drive train assessments. These classes will be $20 a piece, or free with the purchase of a bike, OR you can use your credits! And can be taken in order as part of our overall apprentice program (see in shop for details!) or they can be taken as stand alone classes.

Here is where you come in. We still need to determine a schedule for these offerings, so if you wouldn’t mind taking this brief survey below, it would really help us determine when to offer these.

Class offering Survey
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