Update 5/7/19: Thank you all so much! We have secured funding for the car rental and our donation to the bike!bike! organizers for putting on the conference. I will be arriving in Toronto Tuesday, and volunteering all week with the organizers to get ready. I have also submitted 3 workshops to present; one about our how to guide system, one about our new safe space policies we implemented this year, and one about Co-op IT needs.

Even though our Shop will be closed the week of the conference for building maintenance and to host some large volunteer experiences, our work continues! You can still give to our campaign to support us doing what we do everyday, or you can volunteer your time that week by reading this post.

Bike!Bike! is an annual gathering organized by and for community bicycle projects. The conference is a space for participants from shops and related advocacy groups to converge in a different city each year over a 4 day period to have workshops and strengthen our social network.

Bike!Bike! conferences are held nationally once a year in a different city in North America; regional conferences can be held anywhere, anytime, and this years North East conference is going to be held in beautiful Toronto, Ontario, Canada on May 17 – 20.

We are looking to raise $3000; $1000 to cover travel expenses for our group, and the rest to cover staff time and lost income for the days we may be closed to attend the conference. The closer we get to our goal, the more staff and volunteers we can afford to let go!

You here this all the time… “Just $5 dollars makes a difference…” but it’s true! Any amount you can give brings us closer to our goal. Thanks so much for reading, and we’ll see you at the co-op!

Update 5/1/19: Thanks for all the donations friends! Both the facebook and go fund me campaigns have seen traction. We are still a bit south of our goal, and only have a week and a half to go! Please consider giving even 5 dollars to help us out. Cycling education and culture are growing in Cleveland, and these conferences really help us understand whats going on in the greater community of cycling organizations, and informs us on the ways we need to adapt to be able to grow and change with our communities. Please give today!

Update 4/9/19: We are about a month out, and preparing our workshop at bike!bike!, which will be a moderated discussion of what other co-ops are doing to keep their spaces safe for all people. It’s going to be a heavy one, but it is important for us to get together and discuss our various journeys through the cycling cooperative world, and share our experiences. Please consider giving to our campaign to help us continue to grow and learn in this community!

Update 3/28/19: Thanks to Marie Kittredge, Mike Gliebe, Michaela Stiber, Terry Koch, James Mahon, and a few anonymous donors for you generous donations! We are up to $223! We have a long way to our goal, and every little bit helps. Please consider helping reach that goal!