There are spaces available for our July tune up Series, starting on Saturday July 6th Please visit the signup page to register! your paid registration will reserve your space in class.

The Tune Up Series is a series of weekly bike repair classes that cover a tune-up in four classes held from 9-11:00am on the first four Saturdays of every month (except Months with 5 Saturdays, and December) and the cost is $100. Also, you are eligible to get a discounted copy of the park tool big blue book of bicycle repair for $15.

We are also ready to unveil our Overhaul Class, starting August 3rd at 9am, so July and August are a unique opportunity to bone up on your mechanical bicycle knowledge! These classes build on the adjustments learned in our Tune-up series, and cover procedures for addressing component (bearing) wear or failure that would make those adjustments difficult or impossible to achieve. Along the way we will touch on compatibility and quality issues with the components in these different systems.