Winter Cycling Symposium

Written by Jim Sheehan
Monday, 22 September 2008 19:34

Get Ready to Ride This Winter!

Remember to save the evening of Wednesday, September 30 for our fifth annual Winter Cycling Symposium (when we'll also have a brief members' meeting, to discuss upcoming changes to our programs and services); we'll share tips for safe and comfortable cycling through the cold weather, maybe test a bike-powered snowplow (sorry, maybe at the Marmots' Meander), and preview our Vegiscarian chili (correction: late change to the menu -- we'll have Sweet potato/apple bisque (thanks to Food not Bombs for the tubers, and Cleveland Botanical Garden and Dunham tavern for the organic apples) and pesto pasta (with basil from our garden, and thanks to Joni for her extensive labor and Moosewood recipe).

This event is free; please bring a winter bike (or clothing item, or our favorite handkerchief [Marty!] to show off, and food to share (or donations are also appreciated).  The member's meeting begins at 6pm, food will be ready at 6:30, and the Symposium will run from 7 - 9pm. 

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