Bike Basics Classes

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Friday, 11 March 2011 00:00

These classes cover simple mechanical information about using your bike safely and confidently.  As the "owners manual" for your bike, they're included with an OCBC bike or membership. You are encouraged to bring your own bike (or you may use one of the co-op's) to practice some hands-on techniques, like oiling your chain or loading your bike on a bus rack -- but we can't do any complicated work during class.

The four classes in this series can be taken in any order  -- they repeat every month, and are always held Tuesdays from 5:45 to 6:45, no registration needed -- just drop in.  Bike Basics is also held Saturdays from 3:15 to 4:15 pm if the Maintenance Class for that day is enrolled, so look on our calendar to check that, and view all our current class schedules.

This schedule means Bike Basics can be used as the "beginners" part of our Maintenance Classes (e.g. for those who have never adjusted their seat or handlebars, or fixed a flat tire).

 If you cannot make those times, we can arrange private classes at OCBC or elsewhere. For a Traffic Skills 101 certificate, Bike Basics classes should be taken before our Traffic Skills Intro (also free with an OCBC bike or membership), and the written test (which is free for anyone to take -- check it out, if you have some time!). 

The cost for Bike Basics is $10/class -- or volunteering credits can also be used instead (and they are free with an OCBC bike or membership, or for a discount with a membership to Bike Cleveland or other OCBC Organizational Members).

Here is what is covered in Bike Basics:

1st week:  Fitting your bike for comfort or speed

How to make sure your bike is mechanically safe, and fits properly.

  • Basic bike fit concepts
  • handlebar and seat adjustments
  • Basic maintenance concepts
  • Hands-on Safety Check

2nd week: All about flat tires

How to handle (and avoid) the bike's most common mechanical problem: flats.

    3rd week: Locking, loading, lighting, and layering

    The top tips for using your bike as a vehicle.

    • How to keep your bike from getting stolen
    • carrying stuff on your bike; and loading your bike on a bus, train or car
    • Use lights at night!
    • Clothing choices for any weather

    4th week: Chain and Gears

    Getting the most benefit, and life, from your drive-train

    • How gears work, and how to keep them working
    • Hands-on chain lube
    • General maintenance tips
    • Safety Check for drive-train issues

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