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Written by Peter Garver
Tuesday, 22 April 2008 13:49

As part of our 2015 Strategic Plan, we have decided to update and standardize the curriculum for this program. Therefore, we will not be accepting new in-shop Earn A Bike students for the in-shop program until that process is complete, expected by Fall 2015. Please feel free to email if you are interested in participating and we will contact you when this program is up and running again.

Schools or other groups interested in presenting an Earn A Bike program at their own location should look at our On-Site Earn A Bike page. For the 2015 season, OCBC is able to provide Earn A Bike programs to groups and organizations at no charge thanks to the generous support of the Coca-Cola Foundation. Please email education@OhioCityCycles.org or call 216 830 2667 if you're interested in organizing such an event.  Our goal is to establish on-going relationships with groups interested in long-term bike education programs who can used this opportunity to get started.

From our proposal to Coca-Cola Foundation:

...Typically, Earn a Bike and Bike Rodeo Youth Programs are presented during the summer or after school through a partnership with local nonprofits, community groups, or schools. However, the OCBC receives a number of requests for these programs from smaller neighborhood groups who do not have funding for programs. Although the OCBC offers many services in-kind, or at a discounted rate, we are unable to meet the demand for these programs while meeting funding needs for other agency operations. Funding from the Coca Cola Foundation would allow us to increase the number of Earn a Bike and Bike Rodeo Youth Programs we offer in low-income communities.

This proposal would enable the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op (OCBC) to expand its existing Earn a Bike and Bicycle Rodeo Youth Programs -- normally operated as fee-service programs for Community Partner Organizations -- to serve groups who are interested in providing these popular activities to their constituencies, but who don't have the financial resources required to undertake these programs, especially for the initial offering without having secured funding for the labor and equipment fees from other sources.

OCBC's Earn A Bike program is an in-depth course of bike repair and riding for youth. By completing the program, students earn a refurbished basic mountain bike, with a new helmet and lock. This program is free for any child (though any donations from satisfied parents are always appreciated!).

With 15 hours of training in bike maintenance and safe cycling, this program is the best way we can help young riders use bikes safely and effectively.  Participants earn their bike by doing bike-repair tasks, and by learning and practicing safe-cycling Traffic Skills.

Kids have two ways to Earn A Bike at OCBC:

  • volunteer with a parent or designated adult during OCBC retail hours
  • enroll in a summer Earn A Bike Camp through one of the community groups that we partner with. Please email info@ohiocitycycles.org for more information.

Anyone over 18 can earn a bike by Volunteering (but the lock and helmet are not included). 

Schools or other groups interested in presenting an Earn A Bike program at their own location should look at our On-Site Earn A Bike page.

With an adult

Any children, from the age of about 8 through 15 years old can earn a bike any time the shop is open by volunteering with a parent/legal guardian or other adult their parent has designated (such as a relative, caseworker, Big Brother or Big Sister, etc.). One adult may bring up to three children, and must work with them during the entire time they are here.  Kids 16 and 17 years old can volunteer without a parent, once their parent provides a schedule of their visits and the release form below.

If designating another adult, or for kids over 15, parents are urged to attend the orientation (below) or at least visit the shop to complete our permission/release form, but the form is also available here if necessary (please use one copy of this form for each child):

Release Form (PDF file -- if needed, you can download the reader here)

Adults working with Earn A Bike students also earn volunteering credits and may use in the same way as for any Volunteering, or may apply them towards a better bike for their child (but the child must still meet the other Earn A Bike requirements).

The first step is to attend our Volunteer/member orientation on Wednesdays from 7 - 8pm with their parent and/or parent-designated adult. Then they work together with their adult for 10 hours (on their own schedule — our only requirement is that each visit last at least an hour), doing jobs that will teach them about bike repair. They may take (again, with their parent or designated adult) the required Bike Basics and Traffic Skills Intro classes after they have been volunteering for three hours.

Requirements for Earn A Bike program during retail hours at OCBC:

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