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Sunday, April 2nd: First-ever OCBC garage sale to help make space for new program bikes!

Written by Eric Gearhart
Saturday, 18 March 2017 09:32

Every year our organization accumulates many bikes that do not get sold and do not fit into any of our programs but are just too cool to salvage and scrap.  These bikes are often vintage city bikes and road bikes that have a great classic aesthetic and solid components but are too much work for us to refurbish quickly. Over the years, we have gained a large collection of these bikes and with the recent projects we have undertaken and the generous donors mentioned below, we need to move some out to make space available.

So we are holding our first ever "garage" sale on April 2nd from noon to 3:00pm.  We'll have really low prices on as-is, (unrefurbished) bikes, and include 2 hours of free shop-use so you can get them running safely, or get started with that full-on restoration project (sorry, the shop will not be available for use on the day of the sale -- project-room storage is included with two hours of shop use, though).

 If you have questions or would like to know more (like, "Will we negotiate on prices? Can you fix them right there and ride them home?"), look for more info here or on "social media" this time next week.

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April Social Ride: poetic places

Written by Joshua Goran
Tuesday, 24 February 2015 13:42

april social ride to Poetic Places

To pay proper notice to National Poetry Month,

In this cruelest month, we'll visit poetic places.  

We'll be let in early to the Eastman Reading Garden

Before the lunching season opens, officially,

To read Maya Lin's brother Tan's

Abstract brass and granite words on her sculpture.

After passing, the Erie St. Cemetery;

where many poets are certainly buried (or should be)

we drop down by the temple of lost love

and rise up literary to see about d.a. levy

where the city is painted with fading lines on a bridge.

Six Steps Down by the timeless market,

We pass where Daniel Thompson read his junk;

And say good bye to Hart Crane at a statue

By some guy, by the still-crooked river.

For more information, see the route map here (general Saturday Social Ride info here).

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Please contribute to our first Bike Drive!

Written by Jim Sheehan
Wednesday, 15 February 2017 20:00

For the first time ever, for a variety of very good reasons, we have the good fortune to need to say: we need bikes! 

 So we are holding our first-ever Bike Dive: if you have a bike that could use a new rider, please consider donating it now, during the "off season" while we have time to get it fixed for a couple Spring projects we are working on.

We accept bikes anytime we are open, and most other days between 10am and 6pm (just give a call first to be sure we are in).  We accept any bikes, in any condition, but right now we are especially interested in collecting bikes with specific features needed for the Cleveland Refugee Bike Project and a special school project that will both use the most common and durable type available, which are described below.

Other types of bikes, including children’s bikes, will be refurbished by OCBC students, volunteers and staff, and sold to support this and other educational programs. OCBC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so all donations are tax-deductible.

Bikes for the refugee bike project are the same type used for OCBC’s youth Earn A Bike program, for the same reasons: they are plentiful, very basic, and easily serviceable with no special tools. They are commonly available at department stores (but with proper repair and upgrading they’ll be much more efficient and reliable than when they were bought new!).

Refugee project bikes will be identifiable by these characteristics:

  • Mountain” style bikes (26" wheels) -- any size frames, men’s or women’s.

  • Commonly brands like Huffy, Roadmaster, Murray and Pacific.

  • They should NOT have shock absorbers on the front fork (often with rubber “accordion” boots) or suspension for the rear wheel (a spring mechanism in the frame).

  • Caliper” brakes

  • One-piece cranks

If you are not sure if we need it: bring it down: we can use it!  If you need advice getting it in a car, or other donation details, see our Donation Policy page.
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