Registration: Parade the Circle - Bike Parking (Saturday, 10 Jun 2017 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM)

Help us valet park bicycles for the Cleveland Museum of Art's summer festival, Parade the Circle! Bike riders will bring their bikes to our stand to be safely locked up during the event.

The system works like coat-check and your job, as a volunteer, will be to work the coat-check system.

Job description: folks arrive and fill out a ticket (including name and phone number). We keep half of the ticket with their bike and park it in our secure, monitored racks. They walk about the festival while volunteers monitor the bike parking area. When folks want their bikes back, they return with their portion of the ticket, we locate their bike using the number on the ticket, and return their bike to them. 

Volunteer Shifts: The shifts are two-hours and you can sign up for as little or as many shifts as you like! Tear-down will start near the end of the festival (4:00pm), so all volunteers will be out by 5:00pm. 3 people are needed per shift to make the system work effectively and provide support for fellow volunteers.

Are mechanical skills required?  Nope! This is a parking operation not a bike fix-a-thon. All that is required is customer service skills!

Location: Parking will be set-up on East Blvd. across from the Cleveland Museum of Art, just north of Bellflower Rd. There is a Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) building there and we will be set up in front of it.  You will see OCBC signs, a white tent, and orange snow-fencing (surrounding the parking area) when you arrive.

Thank you so much for your assistance!

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