Earn A Bike OCBC’s Earn A Bike program is an in-depth course of bike repair and riding. By completing this program, students earn a refurbished basic mountain bike, with a new helmet and lock. With 15 hours of training in bike maintenance and safe cycling, this program is the most efficient way we can help riders use bikes safely and effectively.  Participants earn their bike by doing bike-repair tasks, and by learning and practicing safe-cycling Traffic Skills.

Social Rides – It’s a casual, easy, friendly ride, and a good informal way to learn about riding in traffic and with other cyclists. 

  • First Saturday of every month (unless it’s a major holiday, then we’ll ride the following Saturday)
  • Meet at the co-op at 10 am
  • Ride leaves by 10:30 am, and always returns by noon.

Valet Bike Parking   For years the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op has helped people use bikes to attend large public events like Burning River Fest or Parade the Circle by parking and watching their bikes in a secure, convenient location, and assisting with minor on-the-spot repairs as needed.

We also rent semi-secure portable racks and streamlined this service so that it can be administered by event organizers’ staff or volunteers, or even offered as a self-park if demand is small but secure bike locking spots are scarce.

This service helps organizers produce events that are more attractive to cyclists and safer for all, by providing an organized, designated area for bike parking.


Bike Scavenger Hunts A Bike Scavenger Hunt is a great way to help a lot of people to use their bikes all at once, with all the camaraderie and support of an organized event, but without the logistical nightmares of mass-start rides, the “herd mentality” of “bike-a-thons,” the obvious illegality of alleycat races and Critical Mass. 


Short Programs – fixathons, bike rodeos, guided tours, Assemblies and other large-group presentations are also available. Click here to learn more.