OCBC is a non-profit, volunteer-driven cooperative bicycle education center offering riding and repair classes; refurbished used bikes for sale or rent; hands-on learning and shop credit for volunteering; and public shop use, advice, and assistance.

Meet John Verdi and Maya

  Quite possibly our youngest (and cutest) volunteer, hard at work sorting parts with her Daddy and OCBC board member, John Verdi. Maya and her father also learned about making your own balance bike, and now she can't wait to learn how to balance her bike. If you or...

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Walworth Wander was wonderful!

Last Sunday's Watershed tour in partnership with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District had great weather and a great crowd -- about thirty folks, who were very knowledgeable and participatory (for example, we learned from a gentleman with a "Canalway" tshirt on...

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Partner organization training services

We are pleased to see more community bike programs emerging, and we are eager to help them succeed by sharing whatever resources and experience we can.  Here is the "package" of discounts, training, and support we offer for organizations starting bike libraries,...

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