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All a stem needs to work is to have all of its parts and not break. These two things are all you need to check to evaluate a stem.


This is what a threaded stem looks like. There are two key parts that can get lost. One is the bolt that runs vertically from where the image says "Wedge bolt head" down into the wedge (you can see a bit of its threads). If this bolt is missing, or if it is still there but the wedge is gone, the stem will go into a bucket of incomplete stems; it isn't scrap, but can't be used until someone puts a new part on. The other part is the bolt that holds the handlebar clamp closed. If this is missing, it will go in the same bucket.


Most stems are made of aluminum, and since they are under a lot of stress it is possible for them to develop cracks. As with anything aluminum, a stem with a tiny crack in it is scrap and should be throw out right away. However, stems are more likely than most aluminum parts to develop tiny cracks, and you should look carefully around and near the handlebar clamp - this is where you are most likely to find them. No crack is small enough to be ok - any crack makes it scrap.

[Add a few notes and apicture on threadless and removable faceplate]

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