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Sorting Brakes

There are two steps to sorting brakes. First, separate the two main types of brakes.

Caliper vs. Cantilever

Caliper and Cantilever brakes attach to the bike differently. Caliper brakes attach above the wheel, and have a long bolt coming out of them. Cantilever brakes attach next to the wheel, and are in two pieces. It's not hard to tell the difference, as you can see from these pictures: two types of caliper brake above, and a cantilever brake below.

Usually when you sort brakes they have the pads on, so caliper brakes will be one piece with two pads, and cantilever brakes will be separate pieces with one pad each.

Sorting Caliper Brakes

There are two types of caliper brakes, shown in the picture below.

The brake on the left is a centerpull. They are always the same on both sides, and usually have a cable running across the top like this one does.

The brake on the right is a sidepull. They always have two things above each other on one side (the right side on this brake), and a bolt in the middle. Centerpulls have a bolt in the middle, but you can't see it from the front.

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