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StartedWednesday 05 of October, 2005
Days online7989
Total pageviews9511931
Average pageviews per day (pvs)1190.63
Best dayMonday 19 of December, 2005 (17304 pvs)
Worst dayWednesday 26 of November, 2008 (1 pvs)

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Wiki Pages106
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Orphan pages2
Average links per page1.85

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Average images per gallery4.33
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Average files per gallery8.00
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Visits to file galleries3696

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Total reads12933
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Average article size2052.33 bytes

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User bookmarks0
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Most viewed objects

HomePage wiki 122406
SaturdayRide wiki 39556
WheelsAndBearings wiki 35273
ocbc file gallery 29286
WinterRidingTips wiki 28561
Administration Screen image 26727
Reports image 25033
ShopManual wiki 24899
Bicycles Screen image 23445
View Member image 23399
Create New Member image 23359
Report Output image 22899
View transactions image 21843
Main Screen image 21688
BikeEvaluation wiki 21228
Riders outside the co-op image 17051
SandBox wiki 14451
UsedBikes wiki 13531
Volunteer Software image gallery 12589
NonDiscriminationPolicy wiki 11987

Most viewed objects in the last 7 days

Object Section Hits
WheelsAndBearings wiki 160
ocbc file gallery 110
HomePage wiki 65
ShopManual wiki 48
WinterRidingTips wiki 47
View Member image 40
Reports image 39
Report Output image 33
Bicycles Screen image 32
Main Screen image 29
View transactions image 29
Create New Member image 28
Administration Screen image 25
Volunteer Software image gallery 25
Road Bike image 23
A kid's bike image 22
A rigid mountain bike image 19
City Bike image 19
DriversEdVideo wiki 14
RetailTraining wiki 12

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