Building on kind contributions from Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, the Cleveland Carbon Fund,  Kiwi Energy, Park Tool, Quality Bicycle Parts, and many generous individuals who donated to our ioby campaign, OCBC is taking the first steps to develop an apprenticeship program that will train more volunteers to refurbish bikes to our high standards for Earn A Bike programs or for sale in the shop, and for their own future employment opportunities.

The past winter was taken up building ten workstations with custom-built benches and tool cabinets equipped with new tools and workstands. Now we are in the middle of our second test of a new, 15 hour, Component Overhaul class series, with the necessary assessment and evaluation tools to gauge student progress (and, eventually, track the effectiveness of our training methods). 

This addition, and the resurrection of our Bike Basics classes, means our long-running Tune-Up series will be more focused on just the maintenance techniques to help anyone keep their bike on the road; and will bring our total mechanical education class time to 27 hours. We are enthused about this growth of this new program, and invite you to join in wherever you will get the most benefits. 

Bike Basics classes will be held Thursdays, 6 – 7pm, and can be taken individually, in any order.

The Tune-Up class series is held in months with four Saturdays, 9 – 11am, and must be taken in order; missed classes can be made up in a later month, or with a private class before the following week’s session.

Component Overhaul classes are held in months with five Saturdays, 9 – noon, and can be taken individually, in any order. (2019 sessions are in August and November)

The prerequisite for each class series is to have taken the previous series in the list here, or achieving a 70% score on its post-class evaluation. Keep reading this newsletter in the weeks to come for opportunities to sign up for these exciting new offerings.