How much: $200 (Volunteering credits can also be used to pay for classes.)

When: 5 Saturdays in February at 9am

Maximum students per class: 6

These classes build on the adjustments learned in our Tune-up series, and cover procedures for addressing component (bearing) wear or failure that would make those adjustments difficult or impossible to achieve. Along the way we will touch on compatibility and quality issues with the components in these different systems. Our tune up class is a prerequisite for taking this class.

The overhaul class will also cover basic principles and practices used to service, disassemble, clean, assess, and re-assemble or replace, as needed, any parts of any bike.

Overhaul 1  Handlebars, stems, forks, and headset bearings

Overhaul 2 Wheels, sprocket clusters, spokes, and hub bearings

Overhaul 3 Brake levers, cables, calipers, pads, and pivot posts

Overhaul 4 Cranks, chainrings, and bottom brackets

Overhaul 5 Shifters, cables, chains, and derailers

You will choose the OCBC bike that most resembles yours , and practice on our stuff, for the lowest consequence of failure, Replacing only needed parts; no modernization upgrades.

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