Bike basics is the owner’s manual for your bike. You’ll learn about all the maintenance and adjustments you can do without risk of “messing things up,” and how to diagnose problems that need an experienced mechanic — so you are welcome to bring your own bike to each class.

Any procedures that can be messed up, you’ll practice on bikes we keep just for that, and each class includes two hours of shop-use credit so you can do those things on you own bike later, with an appointment for one-on-one assistance from an experienced mechanic.

Bike Basics classes at Ohio city Bicycle Co-op are free for anyone who buys a bike at OCBC, $20 for others, and can be taken in any order. These are the first classes anyone should take at OCBC. The rest of our courses build on principles covered here, and, even if you are a pro mechanic, they will help you clearly explain basic concepts to others, and understand our standards when volunteering. Below are the four classes and their description:

1. Bike fit: bike sizing and style choices, and fit adjustments

2. Wheels and tires: Simple wheel maintenance, and how to fix and avoid flats.

3. Brakes: simple adjustments and maintenance

4. Chain and gears: how they work, and simple adjustments and maintenance.

For more info and to sign up, follow this link.