We are so excited to tell you that we now have a way for you to purchase and request items in our new online shop! It has been over 2 months since this virus knocked all of us off our game, and we are all starting to see through to what the future may look like. We are excited to tell you what we are ready to do for you!

Our online shop will only be set to purchase items and bicycles one at a time, and while we cannot allow test rides we will work with you to pick a bike that should fit. In the event that it doesn’t, we will allow returns for 14 days following purchase, as long as the bike comes back in good condition. Also we cannot currently offer EVERYTHING we have in the online shop, but someone on our team will work with you to get all your cycling needs at an affordable price, pick your order, and get it all ready for you to pay for from home with no contact needed, just ask! sales@ohiocitycycles.org.

Over the last month, we have been working hard, organizing a small but skilled group of volunteers, and getting ourselves ready to be able to help customers remotely, and without contact. We unfortunately cannot offer any in-shop assistance for the foreseeable future, but what that does mean is that we can concentrate on getting as many bikes ready for people to ride and help support us through this difficult time, so that hopefully by next riding season, we will still be here and welcome you all back in with open arms.

Thanks again, and we appreciate all of your support. See you (from a distance) at the co-op!

For Detailed info on the first phase of our re-opening plans, please read this article.