Update: 01/21/2021 Thank you to all who have signed up for our remote bike basics class. We have many sign ups, and will reach out to students over the next week with pre-reading and quizzes soon! If you do not receive an email, or didn’t get a chance to sign up, we’ll leave the form below, and we will be reaching out again in March and April, so stay tuned, you may be next!

01/08/2021 The second hardest challenge of the pandemic for OCBC has been how to present our bike mechanical classes in a reasonably thorough way, while still absolutely ensuring participants’ safety — from Covid-19 transmission of course, but also from bike crashes due to mechanical failures of procedures which we can’t check have been done correctly. (Our first hardest challenge has been how to process donated bikes with minimal volunteer help; the first step toward the solution for that is in the post above, and future steps will be coordinated with this remote education plan, hopefully, in an up-coming phase.)

So our first series of four classes, starting in February, will be presented completely remotely. To keep it simple, we will cover the “owner’s manual” information on adjustment and simple maintenance from our Bike Basics classes. Detailed pre-class reading and video materials will be emailed each week, that participants can follow to preform simple procedures — at home, on their own bikes — that are foolproof to safety-check, or with no mechanical consequences of failure. The last step in the weekly process will be a live online Google Meet to go over the procedures covered, and for anyone to ask questions, get feedback, and interact with other participants. If anyone has real trouble making sure their bike works properly after class, we have our Service assessment as a proven solution, just in case.

There are minimal (but optional) tool requirements for Bike Basics classes, and some simple supplies that most folks already have at home will be needed, — all of which will be listed, with vendor sources, well ahead of the first class.

We are asking for your help to make sure we have the logistics of this new process worked out: In return, we are offering this class series for no charge — but hope that if it is a success in your eyes you might make a donation to help it continue, and expand to include our more advanced classes.

Even if you have taken our more advanced classes already, we hope you will participate in this trial; to help us improve our process, and so you will know the material as we present it, in case you are interested in helping teach it in the future!

If you are interested in participating, please answer the two questions here, and we will follow up with the next step!

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