This road test is primarily for LCI candidates enrolled in the 7/9-11/2021 Cleveland OH LCI seminar, but is open to anyone who had completed the LAB Smart Cycling Complete online test who may be interested in attending another seminar, or just learning the finer points of safe cycling in an instructive and collaborative group setting.

Class will consist of a brief overview discussion; thorough coaching, practice, and testing on bike mechanical safety, handling skills (parkinglot drills); lane positioning and yielding strategies; and individual Road Test scoring of participants, with group observations and instructor feedback. Certificates of completion in digital and hard copy will be provided after the ride.

Class will be held Saturday 5-8pm, and again on Sunday, same time, as a rain date, or for those who failed the Saturday test and wish to retake (for no fee, unless there are no first-time students registered for Sunday).

Cost of this class is $25

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Smart Cycling road test
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