Ronald first came into the Ohio City Bike Co-op in the spring of 2019. Before the pandemic, he was coming in every week, getting help to fix his bike, and volunteering for the parts he needed.

Ronald uses a bike to go to work, avoiding the high cost of driving and the challenge of the bus system. He relies on his bike to put food on the table. Without reliable transportation, he would not be able to keep his job. This is the reality for many other individuals, just like Ronald. Transportation is a major barrier to economic success. But Ronald knows that if something breaks on his bike; a flat tire, broken chain, or a bent derailer, he can visit OCBC to get it repaired, and learn how to do so himself.

Ronald has faced many challenges in his life, including transportation issues. Ronald, a quiet, humble gentleman, knew he could count on OCBC to help him learn how to maintain his bike. Now, since pandemic precautions have suspended our public shop use program, he has managed a lot of his own repairs, but thanks to our Pay What You Can program he can still depend on our help to keep his bike, and those of his family members, repaired and running reliably.

You can help keep many people like Ronald on their bikes, getting to work, and getting some healthy exercise this holiday season, by making a gift.
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