In late 2022, our volunteer Nat left work to discover their silver Hyundai had been stolen.

Already a cyclist, Nat (they/them) decided to become a bicycle commuter. With volunteer credits Nat had earned at the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op, they purchased a used Miyata road bike. Nat used the knowledge they acquired in our Tune Up Class series to refurbish it, getting assistance from our staff and John, a skilled volunteer mechanic.

From spring into summer 2023, Nat used that bike, along with public transit, to commute from home in Cleveland Heights to work in downtown Cleveland. Although they have since replaced their car, the commuter bike is still a frequent transportation choice.

In 2023, we’ve given $17,580.99 in refurbished bikes, repairs, and bike tools and accessories to low income cyclists through our Pay What You Can program, and we provide space, tools, and support for people of all walks of life to learn about bicycle repair and fix their own bikes. 

This Giving Tuesday, we ask you to put your values to work in the community, supporting self-reliance and affordable access to transportation.