NO CONTACT OCBC Covid-19 sales and emergency repair plan

OCBC will provide essential products and services during the Coronavirus pandemic to help people use bikes for transportation, health, and wellbeing; and protect everyone’s health to the maximum extent possible. Here is how we will do that:

Please wear a mask and observe safe distancing when you visit OCBC; and do NOT visit if you have symptoms of any illness, or been in proximity of anyone who you know has!  (We can make arrangements to pick up or deliver to other locations.)

We have bikes in our Online Shop that are fully refurbished and running like new.  Measure your true leg length and choose a bike with the style, features, and price you want, and be sure it has the appropriate standover height (at least 1″ shorter than your leg length).

  • If you need parts to fix your own bike,  email a list of all the part dimensions required (a list that could be linked here would be hugely useful in any case), and we will reply with a picture and the price of the part and available times to make an appointment. When you visit, you’ll follow the directions below “to pick up a bike, parts and/or accessories.”
  • If you can’t describe or provide what you need, make an appointment to bring in the old part or the bike it is on, and follow the directions below for “drop off a bike.”
  • If you need to make a donation of bikes, parts or other items:

We ask you to please hold on to them until mid June, when (we hope) we will be back up to capacity to process your donation. If this is not possible, please email us a picture of the bike and we will reply promptly to let you know if it will be of use.

  • If you are a trained OCBC volunteer and want to volunteer to work on bikes from home: Please make an appointment to pick one up, and follow the directions below “to pick up a bike, parts and/or accessories.”

When you arrive, If the large roll door that says “ENTRANCE” is open, come to the bike racks at the bottom of the ramp, where we will see you. If the door is not open, ring the bell by the small door under our logo, and then wait at the bottom of the ramp until we open the door. 

To drop off a bike (or anything else), please email (preferred) or call to make an appointment.

We will  clean with alcohol all items we put on the dock for pick up 10 min before appointments, and all surfaces used after each visitor.

Planned phases of this policy

Phase 1 (May 8th):

  1. NEW 26″ or 20″ wheel cruisers for sale in our Online Shop
  2. Limited number of refurbished bikes for sale in our Online Shop
  3. Used generic repair parts for sale; please email
  4. Volunteers working on bikes remotely
  5. Bicycle donations are not accepted
  6. Repair appointments (for days-later pickup)

Phase 2 (Mid June):

  1. Safe & Reliable bikes for sale in our Online Shop (25% less than refurbished price)
  2. “local pickup only” Ebay sales of As-is, “fancy” bikes ($400 and up)
  3. Specific used parts
  4. Bike donations accepted

Phase 3:

  1. As-is sales
  2. Online classes
  3. “Remote” repairs
  4. Limited volunteering in shop