NO CONTACT OCBC Covid-19 sales and emergency repair plan

OCBC will provide essential products and services during the Coronavirus pandemic to help people use bikes for transportation, health, and wellbeing; and protect everyone’s health to the maximum extent possible. Here is how we will do that:

We have bikes in our Online Shop (link) that are fully refurbished and running like new.  Determine your true leg length (link) and choose one with the appropriate standover height, features, and price you want.

If you are in true need of a bike with other features, make an appointment by email (preferred) or phone including in an email the size, style, price range and features desired. We will take and reply with a picture of one that fits the bill and a final price (with sales tax and any new parts installed or accessories needed), and a link to a payment page.

Once we have your payment and the bike is refurbished (which may take up to a week or two), we’ll reply again and make it available for a test ride if you reply with a time you can visit. When you visit, you’ll follow the directions below “to pick up a bike, parts and/or accessories.” 

  • If you need parts to fix your own bike,  email a list of all the part dimensions required (a list that could be linked here would be hugely useful in any case), and we will reply with a picture and the price of the part and available times to make an appointment. When you visit, you’ll follow the directions below “to pick up a bike, parts and/or accessories.”
  • If you can’t describe or provide what you need, make an appointment to bring in the old part or the bike it is on, and follow the directions below for “drop off a bike.”
  • If you need to make a donation of bikes, parts or other items:

We ask you to please hold on to them for the month or so it is expected for the Stay Home order to last, when we will be back up to capacity to process your donation. 

If this is not possible, follow the directions below for “drop off a bike.”

  • If you are a trained OCBC volunteer and want to volunteer to work on bikes from home: Please make an appointment to pick one up, and follow the directions below “to pick up a bike, parts and/or accessories.”

To pick up a bike, parts and/or accessories:

Please wear a mask when you visit OCBC, and do NOT visit if you have symptoms of any illness!  We can make arrangements to pick up or deliver to other locations.

Before your appointment time, we will put your bike in the rack on our dock with your name on the seat, and any other items in a crate by the bike.  Items with no bike will be on the table by the window in a crate with your name on it. 

When you arrive, ring the bell by the door under our logo, and then wait at the bottom of the ramp until we unlock the door and prop it open with the lock.  

When you enter, let the door fully close behind you, wash your hands in the lavatory to your left. You can then look on the dock across from the lav to find your bike and/or other items with your name on them. If you have trouble, we will be just on the other side of the inner entry door and the window to the dock.

When you leave, before you take the bike out, you can hold the outside door open with the innertube attached to the railing if needed, to make it easier.  Then, if you want to wash your hands again before leaving, pushing the door further open will release the tube without you needing to touch it, and the door will close and lock on its own.

To drop off a bike (or anything else)

At the time of your appointment, when you ring the bell we will unlock the door and prop it open with the lock: wait 10 seconds to open the door, please. Standing on the right side of your bike will make it easier to hold the door open while you bring your bike in, and let the door close fully behind you as you wheel it through the open door on your right, to the dock. Find your name on the bike rack on the dock, and put your bike in that parking slot, and any parts or accessories on the ground in front of it.  If you have questions, we will be just inside the glass doors to the shop — speak loudly so we will hear you.

We will  clean with alcohol all items we put on the dock for pick up 10 min before appointments, and all surfaces used after each visitor. (other cleaning procedures that should be documented here include bikes and parts going either direction, helmets sequestration after use [14 days will kill lice too], and accessories if needed),

Phases of this policy

Phase 1:

  1. Cruiser sales
  2. Stripe refurb bikes
  3. Used generic parts package ($5, $10, $15 etc.)
  4. Volunteers working on bikes remotely – pickup instructions exist
  5. Donations are not accepted
  6. Repairs (for days-later pickup)

Phase 2:

  1. “local pickup only” e-commerce sales (ebay)
  2. “Promised” Safe to Ride bikes
  3. “Date with Al” (+ necessity cyclist email appointments)
  4. Specific used parts
  5. “Promised” full refurb bikes

Phase 3:

  1. As-is sales
  2. Online classes (paid)
  3. “Remote” repairs