Key volunteers

Key Volunteers are vital to the co-op. This is a structured program of volunteers who choose what ways they want to help, and commit to scheduled times to help in the shop, with responsibility for many of the same tasks our staff normally handle. They provide extra assistance to all visitors to OCBC and staff.

Key Volunteers all take shop classes and are trained to help shop users, retail customers, volunteers, and students. You’ll recognize them by the OCBC nametags they wear! Once trained and scheduled to cover a reasonable number of open hours, Key Volunteers receive a discount on new items, and can use the shop for their own repairs during closed hours.

If you are interested in becoming a Key Volunteer, email the volunteer coordinator at

Key Volunteer Benefits

  • 45% discount on new merchandise
  • Ability to use the shop when OCBC is closed (Staff is here more than open hours. Email to find out when we’re in)
  • Job referrals, references, letters of recommendation
  • Management skills

Key Volunteer Requirements

      • Completed all other volunteer requirements
      • Must have completed 24 hours of volunteering in a 3 month period
      • Must be participating in our passport training program
      • Must be willing to train / take ownership in a work area (i.e. prep, salvage, parts room, wheel room)
      • Wear your OCBC nametag when Key Volunteering
      • Sign up for shifts through our shift sign up page