We use this list to fairly and consistently set prices for most of the donated bikes we have available for sale. We account for:

  • features that make them more useful, reliable, and attractive
  • more efficient, durable, or pleasant to ride
  • practical to service

Some bikes for sale from our performance-bike rental fleet are off this chart, and are priced at reasonable market value (usually on par with the completed Ebay auction price, but this can and does fluctuate).

Please feel free to ask us how any bike we have is valued, and why — we want to help you get the most useful and economical bike for your needs.

Kids’ bikes (up to 24″ wheels) start at $30

Adult bikes start at $50

Add $25 for each feature:


Shimano 3 speed hub

European bottom bracket

Cotterless 3-piece cranks

Standard-size (110 or 130 mm BCD) bolted chainrings

Aluminum rims (each)

Derailer hanger

Investment-cast dropouts

Quality (if vintage) Schwinn, Raleigh Sports, or similar

Springer fork

Aluminum rear rack (existing)

Plastic fenders (existing)

Working generator lights (existing)

Very-good condition paint

Subtract $25 for:

Ugly paint or chrome

Cosmetic frame or rim dents

Cheap shocks

non-standard (usually French) parts

Add $35 for high-end features like:

Double-wall rims

All CroMoly tubing

Aero brake levers

8 or 9-speed cassette cogs

Additional charges for special features, such as:

Sturmey archer 3 speed; or Bendix 2-speed hub +$50

High-end components in top condition (105 or better derailers, etc.) +$25 to $100

Quality aluminum frame +$25 to $100

Carbon frame +$200 to $400

Inch-pitch cruiser drivetrain +$50

Accessories (existing) — add $10 for:

Good-condition steel fenders

Steel wire basket; Pletscher or steel rack

Cruiser gas tanks, battery lights

Working computer

Free stuff/installation:

Existing accessories, like kickstands, toe clips, bottle-cages, mirrors, bar-ends, etc. are free; or $5 if they need to be installed

New lights purchased with the bike are installed free

There is a $15 labor charge to install a new rack or fenders purchased with the bike.

Here are some examples (not real bikes in inventory!) to illustrate how our bikes are priced:

Cruisers: One-piece crank, coaster-brake beach cruiser (not antique, just safe and reliable): $50

City bikes: Huffy 3-speed with nice fenders: $85

Raleigh Sport 3-speed, top condition; with aluminum front wheel for good braking: $220

Mountain bikes: Department-store mountain bike: $75

High-quality chromoly MTB with rigid fork, smooth tires; new rack, fenders and lights installed: $350

Road bikes: Older road bike with 27″ chromed steel rims: $125

Double-butted chromoly steel road bike with double-wall aluminum rims and high-end parts: $375

If you have further questions about buying a bike from OCBC, please email Info@OhioCityCycles.org. Sorry, but we can’t answer questions about specific bikes we have in stock, as that can change at any time.

Contact OCBC

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Email: info@ohiocitycycles.org

We like email best: Info@OhioCityCycles.org
We try hard to answer all emails promptly, as Respect is the first of our values.

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