Earn A Bike program

OCBC’s In-shop Earn A Bike program is an in-depth course of bike repair and riding with group instruction and hands-on learning. By completing this program, students earn a refurbished basic mountain bike, with a new helmet and lock, and gain the knowledge to maintain and use it safely. With 15 hours of training and practice, this program is the most effective way we can help young riders use bikes safely and effectively.  Participants earn their bikes by doing bike repair tasks in the shop; and by learning and practicing safe-cycling skills, first in a controlled environment and then out on the road — with a trained adult for every three students — to see real traffic situations in a safe, supportive setting.

Neighborhood-based Earn A Bike programs, usually without as much repair practice, are also presented in partnership with other community groups like Bike Cleveland, Cleveland YMCA, and several Community Development Corporations.  Please contact us to learn about a program that may be planned in your neighborhood, or how to get one started. 

Youth requirements for In-shop Earn A Bike program at OCBC:

  • Be 8 to 18 years old, and able to ride without training wheels (see How to Ride a Bike if needed)
  • Attend our Volunteer orientation with a parent/legal guardian or parent-designated adult
  • Fill out and return a  Release Form signed by a legal parent/guardian (another adult can be designated, if necessary, to work with the student).
  • Follow our three rules of respect, resourcefulness, and reciprocity.

With a parent or parent-designated adult (if under 16 years old), choose one of the following:

Take our Tune up class series together, working on the bike the child will earn.
Volunteer together for ten hours doing 

Take an Intro to Traffic Skills ride

Note: Adults working with Earn A Bike students will also earn volunteering credits they may use in the same ways as any Volunteer, or may apply them towards an upgraded bike for their child (but the child must still meet the other Earn A Bike requirements).

How adults can earn a bike:

Option 1:

Purchase an as-is, not-yet-refurbished bike (with cash or Volunteer credits) and tune it up by taking our tune up series.

  • We prefer that you tune your own bike through the shop class because you will learn important maintenance tips and basic bike concepts that you can use to keep your bike running longer and working well.
  • Register for The tune up class series
  • Send an email, call or visit to set up an appointment to choose a bike.

Option 2:

Purchase a refurbished bike with volunteer credits

  • Attend a Volunteer orientation, held every Saturday at 11am.
  • Volunteer until you have enough credits ($5 earned per hour) to purchase a refurbished bike. Up to 150 credits can be spent on the cost of a bike.