Used Bike Sales

Selling safe, reliable used bikes is an important part of what we do, but our mission is to “help people use bicycles.” So please look over all the information here, and we’ll be glad to help you find a bike that fits your needs: if it’s not a used bike from us, we’ll direct you to a good, local, new-bike shop or another bike co-op that can help.

We also sell all kinds of used parts, wheels, and frames; and accessories like bags, lights and computers, for about half of what they cost new.

We stock a very limited selection of new repair parts like tires, brake pads, and chains; and and accessories like lights, racks, and fenders. Our prices for these are about the same as at any bike shop, with discounts for regular volunteers. We can order new items which we don’t stock, but urge you to patronize your local bike shop whenever possible.

If you still have questions after you read this page, please email Sorry, but we can’t answer questions about specific bikes or parts we have in stock, as that can change at any time.

How we operate

OCBC is mostly staffed by volunteers; our employees’ main job is helping our volunteers and members, so we appreciate your patience when you visit. We are not primarily a retail bike shop; we sell repaired bikes because we do bike-repair education, and we want to get as many bikes back on the road as possible. Here are a few details to save time and help you find the right bike:

Availability of bikes for sale
We keep bikes in a variety of sizes and prices fully refurbished and ready for sale: they are all in our showroom with a white tag on the handlebars with the price on it. The tag will also have the bike’s size, including the length of the seat tube, in centimeters, from the center of the crank to the center of the top tube (or, for a “girl’s” step-thru frame, to where the seat stays meet the seat tube) followed by the top tube length; from the center of the seat tube to the center of the head tube.

Layaway Policy for Refurbished Bikes

  • 30% non-refundable down payment is required
  • Remainder of purchase price must be paid and bike must be picked up within 60 days

As-is (unrepaired) bikes and other sales policies:
We do sell un-repaired bikes that have received a preliminary evaluation and prep work, but otherwise they are in the condition that they were donated. These bikes are priced at about half of what they would be if we refurbished them, and make a worthwhile DIY project. They cannot be test ridden and are sold as-is, so we require a signed acknowledgement of that understanding.

So if you want to, say, build a fixie, we do sell clean, evaluated, used frames and parts so you can do it yourself at home; or for $5/hour you can use the co-op’s shop, tools and advice.

We do not buy bikes or offer credit for trade-ins — try selling on Craigslist, or we are happy to give receipts for tax-deductible donations.

We are confident that our bikes are priced fairly, so we don’t negotiate. Anyone can use volunteer time to pay for a bike, the purpose of bike sales is to support our education programs, and the bikes we sell include about $100 in education services. If it seems one is not priced fairly, please let us know — we’ll be glad to explain our pricing system.

Types of Bikes We Sell

City Bikes

These are the original version of what are now being marketed as “hybrid bikes.” They feature turned-back, city (or “falcon”) handlebars for an upright position; three, five or ten speeds; and are already equipped with fenders (and often with a rack). A city bike is a good compromise between speed and stability; comfort and responsiveness; and durability and economy. In this category we have many inexpensive models, several collectible classics, and a few newer “hybrids.”


With wide seats and classic lines; wide, swept-back handlebars; coaster (pedal) brakes; and (usually) “balloon” tires, these bikes are comfortable and relaxed for around the neighborhood, but not recommended for trips longer than a mile or two. Many have classy features like pin-striped fenders, “gas-tanks” housing lights or horns, and copious baskets.

These bikes with dropped, road (or “ten-speed”) handlebars and skinny tires offer the best aerodynamic position and lowest rolling resistance, for the fastest, most efficient ride. These will be as fast as an entry-level new road bike — and will probably be more practical, with room for wider tires — but the older bikes we have don’t feature integrated brake/shift levers.

Straight, mountain handlebars for good leverage, and heavy-duty, long-wheelbase frames and wider tires make these bikes slower, but ideal for riding on rough, loose surfaces, or for carrying heavy loads. Most do not have suspension forks or the newer, sealed bearings, so these will not be as good a choice for “technical” dirt riding as a new model, but a rigid fork is lighter and lower-maintenance, so they make great casual off-road cruisers, or, fitted with smooth tires, very durable city bikes.

Each OCBC bike comes with:

  • Free Bike Basics Classes on fit adjustments, fixing flats, basic maintenance, etc. — the “owners manual” for your bike.
  • Free Traffic Skills Intro class
  • Free Bike check-over within the first year

Kids Trade-In Program

Purchase one of our kids bikes and get discounted trade-ups til they stop growing!

  • Includes styles from BMX to flatland or dirt jumping bikes
  • Offer is good within two years of bike purchase
  • We give you credit for half the price of the smaller bike
  • Prices range from $30 to $150; commonly around $40

It’s an inexpensive way to get kids riding, and can help make their early cycling years safer, with less mechanical trouble and more fun!