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How do you get involved?

If you would like to volunteer in the shop or for work we do in the community, please complete this volunteer interest survey, and we’ll email to invite you to join the next volunteer orientation at a time you are available (typically within two weeks).

A fundamental part of OCBC’s mission is to effectively utilize  volunteers’ help while advancing their education about bike mechanics, working collaboratively in very diverse groups as usually found in our shop. We best reflect our tenets of respect, resourcefulness and reciprocity when we:

    • value everyone’s work regardless of their background or abilities
    • ensure we give appropriate tasks and good guidance to make the most of everyone’s effort
    • fairly and consistently provide useful education, honest encouragement, and earned shop credits towards personal shop-use, as-is bikes, and any donated items

If you’re looking to learn what volunteer work at the co-op looks like, you can find a list of activities and projects here.

Please fill out the form to the right, and we hope to see you at the co-op!

Volunteer interest survey form
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What days would you be able to volunteer?
(Most volunteering in-shop takes place Thursday-Sunday between 12pm-5pm; however, we may have additional opportunities outside of those typical hours.)
What times are you typically available to volunteer?
(Please select the times you are most typically available. If those times vary for different days or you need to explain availability, please note that in the "other" box.)

OCBC welcomes all who would volunteer, with particular encouragement to under-represented communities. If you were to volunteer, what would you like to do most? (1 meaning not interested at all and 5 meaning highly motivated to do)

Find out about volunteer opportunities!

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