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What are all our different activities?

  • Taking parts off bikes marked for salvage
  • Taking parts off handlebars marked for salvage
  • Checking inner tubes and de-tiring wheels
  • Disassembling pedals, brake levers, and other components to save their small parts
Parts Sorting
  • Sorting and pricing used tires
  • Sorting components salvaged from bikes
  • Verifying integrity of sorted bins
  • Greet customers
  • Alert staff to appointment arrivals
  • Talk with customers while they wait for service
  • Facilitate test rides
  • Engage in simple tasks, like assembling price tags, in between customers’ arrivals
  • Perform repairs and maintenance on bikes marked for refurbishment
  • Perform final checks on other refurbish mechanics’ work
  • Tend to rentals in times of particular need
  • Manage co-op’s crop of grapes
  • Tend to the planters in the parking lot
  • Turn compost
  • Manage weeds in parking lot
  • Expand the garden
Tending Rental Bikes
  • Assess recently returned rentals for damage
  • Confirm quality of rentals which are said to be “ready-to-go”
  • Perform repairs on rentals flagged for work