Customized programs

All custom programs have a starting presentation fee of $100 an hour.

We are often asked to present bike safety education as part of a larger program, such as Active Living by Design, Safe Routes To Schools, or Bicycle Friendly Communities. A good example of this is the Steps to a Healthier Cleveland program, which we have taught to fourth grade students in ten Cleveland schools, and will continue under the Cleveland Safe Routes to Schools program.

In designing the Steps Bicycle Ed program, we were challenged to leave the most meaningful impression on the greatest number of students in the shortest amount of time, so this program is presented in a series of only three visits: an assembly, an in-class lesson, and an on-bike skills drills in the school parking lot. In this setting it was also important for what we taught to relate to standard curriculum, so we customized the program to do that.

Other examples of customized short programs we have designed and presented are large-group safety orientation for charity rides, volunteer training for a community free-bike project, and workplace wellness programs on bike commuting.

We also provide consulting services on safety, mapping, and logistics to organizations presenting bike rides or other events.


When bikes are brought to rodeos which don’t pass the Safety Check station, we usually try to do minor repairs while the participant uses a loaner bike for the course. If unsafe bikes are expected to be a common issue we can address these — and some more major repairs — before the rodeo in an intensive bike repair session we call a “fixathon.” We can provide also this as a stand-alone service; for instance, in neighborhoods without a bike shop. We’ll train community volunteers recruited by the partner group to do simple jobs like registration, pumping tires, pre-checking bikes, and installing lights, and we bring a team of experienced mechanics with all the parts, tools and supplies they need to fix as many bikes as possible as fast as possible (hence the “fixathon” name!). We bring a 14′ trailer with a full selection of replacement parts including tubes, tires, wheels, seats, pedals, etc. and 2-4 work stations to fix up to 50 bikes, so for Fixathons indoor work space is also required and for people to wait in, and park their bikes.

Bike rodeos

We present many short bicycle skills courses (usually known as bike rodeos) for neighborhood groups, scouts, etc. These 1-4 hour events introduce basic traffic concepts and bike-handling skills, with a chance to practice them in a car-free setting like a closed parking lot, for children (K-3, 4-8), youth, or adults. Besides how to fit a helmet and check the mechanical safety of their bikes, students learn the meaning of “yield” and “right of way” (and how to watch out for others who haven’t!). They also practice steering around obstacles, stopping and starting safely and efficiently, and scanning for road hazards and other traffic around them. Youth and adult programs also include practicing evasive maneuvers. All are based on the League of American Bicyclists’ Traffic Skills curriculum.

Earn a Bike

 OCBC’s Earn A Bike program is an in-depth course of bike repair and riding. By completing this program, students earn a refurbished basic mountain bike, with a new helmet and lock. With 15 hours of training in bike maintenance and safe cycling, this program is the most efficient way we can help riders use bikes safely and effectively.  Participants earn their bike by doing bike-repair tasks, and by learning and practicing safe-cycling Traffic Skills. 

 Pay what you can program

The Pay what you can program works in two ways:

– We ask folks with the means or resources to “pay what you can” above and beyond their purchase price as a donation to the pay what you can fund, to help       give others access to parts and services they otherwise would not be able to utilize at the OCBC.
– For folks who do not have the means to purchase the parts and services they need, and do not have time to volunteer to earn those items (volunteers earn 5 credits an hour that can be used to purchase parts, accessories, bicycles, and assistance) we ask that they “pay what you can” in any amount up to the full purchase price, and fill out a form explaining why they cannot volunteer, and how this help will improve their lives. Any amount that cannot be paid comes out of our Pay what you can fund. For full details on why this program exists, how we came up with it, and how we execute it, please see this PDF.

Valet bike parking

 For years the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op has helped people use bikes to attend large public events like Burning River Fest or Parade the Circle by parking and watching their bikes in a secure, convenient location, and assisting with minor on-the-spot repairs as needed. We also rent semi-secure portable racks and streamlined this service so that it can be administered by event organizers’ staff or volunteers, or even offered as a self-park if demand is small but secure bike locking spots are scarce. This service helps organizers produce events that are more attractive to cyclists and safer for all, by providing an organized, designated area for bike parking. 

Bike scavenger hunts

A Bike Scavenger Hunt is a great way to help a lot of people to use their bikes all at once, with all the camaraderie and support of an organized event, but without the logistical nightmares of mass-start rides, the “herd mentality” of “bike-a-thons,” the obvious illegality of alleycat races and Critical Mass.

Group bike rentals

We rent basic bikes for groups of 5 or more, who can provide their members’ sizes and damage deposits in advance, and pay the rental fee in one payment at the time of the rental ( for corporate groups payment and any damage fees can be invoiced together after the rental). Group rates are $20/half day or $30/day. Delivery is available for up to 50 bikes for $50 per trip anywhere in Cuyahoga County, and beyond for $1/mile additional.

Pre-ride safety briefings

For bicycling events held on open roads, as most are, it is important for the safety of the riders — and the liability of the organizers — that participants understand their rights and responsibilities toward other cyclists and traffic, and take responsibility for the mechanical safety of their bikes. OCBC has extensive experience providing this information in a fun and engaging way. These short talks are very much part of our mission, so our fee is minimal, based on travel distance to the event. Safety talks should be scheduled early in the year, and require a PA system for greater than 50 riders, or enough time to schedule a series of smaller groups.

Assemblies and other large-group presentations

Starting presentation fee off $100 and hour.

Presentations to large groups address topics of specific interest to each group, so must be scheduled at least one month in advance. A computer projector and screen are usually needed, and a PA system for outdoor groups larger than 75 is required. Our fee for this program is $200 for up to two hours, with scholarships available for qualifying groups. Standard school assemblies usually address K – 3rd, 4 – 6th, and 7 – 8th separately.

Training for staff and volunteers

 We are not going to teach every bike education presentation in the Cleveland area — there are already more events than we can attend — so our ultimate goal is to “train the trainers.” We can schedule special presentations at OCBC or at other groups’ locations; or offer special group rates for our regular classes. If your organization would like more extensive training for staff and/or volunteers to present ongoing bike education programs, please see our Partner organization training services page.

We can usually adapt any of our programs to your needs: please call Jim at (216) 830-2667 for more details, or email