Wish List

OCBC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, so any donations are tax deductible. We have immediate need of several pieces of equipment, and ongoing need for supplies that we use frequently:

  • 5 gal. buckets
  • Rubbermaid-type tubs (large, with lids if possible!)
  • Sturdy, heavy-duty shelf units
  • Rubbing alcohol, Dawn dish detergent (and foaming dispensers), and Simple Green or similar bio-based degreaser (or regular, economical sources [or a local sponsor!] for these staple cleaners).
  • Work gloves of all kinds and sizes.
  • Wire brushes in good condition (brass, stainless, and plain steel).
  •   Single edge, and standard box-cutter razor blades (used are ok, if reasonably sharp).
  • Scrap lumber: 2x4s and 2x6s at least 2′ long; 1x6s at least 5′ long; 3/4″ plywood at least 2’x3′
  • a good FM antenna
  • Ryobi cordless 18v drill batteries
  • Metric combination wrenches (all sizes from 6mm to 19mm)
  • Any cycling-related DVDs (past Tour de France, BMX, etc.)
  • Cotton rags (clean socks, t-shirts and old towels are great; bed sheets are not)
  • Used green scrubbies (yes, those dish scrub-pads; we use them for cleaning chrome, and used ones are actually better than new ones as they are a bit less abrasive, and won’t scratch the chrome).

Volunteer projects

Here is a running list of some of the things we need volunteers to do. If you are interested in doing any of these, please email or stop in.

Hand-letter signs for the shop.

Paint metal doors with acrylic paint.

Repair or install electric lights in our display cases.

Plant and tend our organic garden.

Inventory our accessory libraries (of seats, bags, and clip-in shoes and pedals).

Compile press kits for each of several program areas.

Market existing (and develop new!) bike-part arts and crafts, locally and on the web.

Take and upload photos of bikes and parts for sale.

Organize! If you are meticulous about putting things in their proper places (and ensuring that others can do the same), our Parts Aisle need you!