OCBC’s shop is open to the public for do-it-yourself repairs.


  • There is a $5/hour cost to use the shop (which can be paid with volunteer credits) includes a workstation and stand, all supplies, and a professional assessment of the work to be done, if needed.
  • Tools for a tune-up are included, but must be checked out with staff by leaving collateral like keys, ID, or a phone.
  • Shop users are responsible for tools while in their possession. Other tools can be used with staff supervision.
  • You may bring your own tools, but OCBC can not be responsible for them.


Instructions from Park Tool (and others) on common repairs are bookmarked on our shop computers or available online (shop wifi is free); assistance from OCBC staff is charged at $5 for five-minute “mini-lessons.”

An appointment for shop use is good idea to ensure a workstation during busy times; if you need professional assistance with any part your repair you must make an appointment. Email is preferred. The last appointment taken is for 1 1/2 hours before closing. Please cancel appointments you cannot keep; appointment no-shows are cancelled after 15 minutes. We’ll try hard to fix anything that can be repaired, but OCBC staff may refuse to assist with work on bikes that cannot be made safe to ride.

We have most parts needed to get most bikes running: wear parts like cables, chains and brake pads are available new at standard bike-shop prices; evaluated, sorted, basic-quality used parts are generally $5 (tires, brakes, derailers) or $10 (non-wear parts like cranks or stems). Higher quality used parts are priced at ~ 1/2 of new cost.

To keep track of shop-use time, parts used, and assistance labor, you clock into our computer system to “work on your own bike” (but should do any “shopping” for needed parts before clocking in or checking out tools), and staff will complete a form to note any labor and incidental parts used. Shop time and other costs must be paid and/or deducted from volunteer credits at the end of each visit.

If a project will take more than one visit it can be stored in our Project Room by pre-paying 2 hours of shop time, returning to work on it within 2-week periods, and finishing it within two months. OCBC can not be responsible for projects stored there.

Want to learn more about giving your bike the lube, leverage and love it needs?

We offer a shop series.