Fixathon Details

Standard Fixathon: up to 30 basic bicycle repairs in three hours / $1000

OCBC will provide:

  • Three experienced bicycle mechanics, including one to also perform initial evaluations of each participant’s bike
  • Additional “apprentice” mechanics as available, to assist with repairs and participants’ education
  • All tools and supplies and serviceable used and new parts for minor maintenance and basic repairs, including flat/worn tires, brake and shifter adjustments, replacement “contact parts” (pedals/seats/grips), lubrication and security of fasteners, and a final safety assessment.
  • (Replacement of major “overhaul” parts is not part of this service: If this work is needed we can quote repair costs for the bike owner or partner organization, and take up to 5 bikes back to our shop for this service, providing a receipt and contact info for return of  the bike within a week.)
  • Delivery and set-up of all necessary materials at partner’s location within the city of Cleveland (additional transportation costs apply for farther locations), and removal of all refuse and wipe up of any spills or oil drips
  • Three hours of Fixathon time, accommodating approximately 6 to 12 visitors/hour; with some time for set-up and clean-up with hosts/partners.
  • All forms and supplies to fill them out
  • Insurance coverage (on which partner organizations can be named as additional insured)

Partner organizations are responsible for providing:

  • At least one month advanced confirmation of location and time for a scheduled Fixathon
  • An indoor or weather-protected facility of at least 1000 sq ft, accessible without steps, heated during cold weather, with good lighting, electricity, water, and nearby restrooms; and with a floor that is NOT carpeted, and expected to be cleaned by the partner organization after the event
  • OCBC logo and identification on all publicity of the event and any requests for press coverage
  • Registration table and chairs, and any desired supplies: Snacks and/or creative educational activities are strongly suggested for waiting participants, especially children
  • At least two partner and/or host staff/volunteers present during the entire event for registration and participant relations
  • Participant roster or other forms if needed (besides our registration/assessment forms, which we keep)
  • Some form of pre-registration for 30 min. window “appointments” is suggested, to respect participants’ time

NOTE: Fixathons are focused on providing basic service to as many people as possible. For this reason, OCBC reserves the right to refuse to repair bikes that cannot be made safe to ride, or require very time-consuming services. We typically repair only one bike per Fixathon participant, while they watch, to learn what they can potentially do for themselves.