Activities and Projects

Recurring Volunteer Activities

What are our various volunteering activities?


Wednesday 5pm-9pm, Thursday 12pm-5pm, Friday 12pm-5pm

  • Stocking the workbenches in the community shop
  • Sweep floors
  • Empty scrap bins into the scrap yard
  • Empty waste bins into the dumpster
  • Wipe down and sanitize surfaces
  • Wash dishes
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Clean anything you like

Thursday 12pm-5pm, Friday 12pm-5pm

  • Manage co-op’s crop of grapes
  • Tend to the planters in the parking lot
  • Turn compost
  • Manage weeds in parking lot
  • Expand the garden
Parts Sorting

Wednesday 5pm-9pm, Thursday 12pm-5pm, Friday 12pm-5pm

  • Sorting and pricing used tires
  • Sorting components salvaged from bikes
  • Verifying integrity of sorted bins
Picture and Price

Wednesday 5pm-9pm, Thursday 12pm-5pm, Friday 12pm-5pm

  • Take pictures of bikes ready-for-sale
  • Use standardized pricing guidelines to set prices for refurbished bicycles
  • Add bikes to our online catalog
  • Take pictures of other parts and accessories
  • Improve documentation of parts and accessories

Wednesday 10am-9pm, Thursday 10am-5pm, Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 1pm-5pm

Prerequisite: Completion of OCBC’s Tune-up class series

  • Perform repairs and maintenance on bikes marked for refurbishment
  • Perform final checks on other refurbish mechanics’ work
  • Tend to rentals in times of particular need

 Thursday 12pm-5pm, Friday 12pm-5pm, Saturday 12pm-5pm

  • Greet customers
  • Alert staff to appointment arrivals
  • Talk with customers while they wait for service
  • Facilitate test rides
  • Engage in simple tasks, like assembling price tags, in between customers’ arrivals

Wednesday 5pm-9pm, Thursday 12pm-5pm, Friday 12pm-5pm

  • Taking parts off bikes marked for salvage
  • Taking parts off handlebars marked for salvage
  • Checking inner tubes and de-tiring wheels
  • Disassembling pedals, brake levers, and other components to save their small parts
Tending Rental Bikes

Wednesday 10am-9pm, Thursday 10am-5pm, Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 1pm-5pm

Prerequisite: Completion of OCBC’s Tune-up class series

  • Assess recently returned rentals for damage
  • Confirm quality of rentals which are said to be “ready-to-go”
  • Perform repairs on rentals flagged for work
  • Assess recently donated bikes
  • Use standardized bicycle evaluation form to bring attention to areas of concern

One-off Volunteer-led Projects

What projects are we undertaking to improve the co-op? Who should you talk to if you’d like to get involved?

Upgrade Wheel Room Hooks

Point of Contact: Jim

The hooks in the wheel room are a little flimsy–let’s improve them!

Create Compost Bin Hinges

Point of Contact: Jim

Our compost bin needs hinges. Help us in our endeavor to turn our food waste into life-giving soil.

Paint our Picture Studio Wall

Point of Contact: Dani

When we take pictures of our bikes for our online sales, we do it against a white wall. That wall is no longer very white!

Create a Handlebar-cleaning Station

Point of contact: Dani

Currently we use a cardboard box to clean adhesive off our handlebars. Help us make something more permanent and classy.

Convert Fluorescent Lights to LEDs

Point of Contact: Dani

We have a lot of tubular fluorescent lamps around our facility. Help us convert them to energy-efficient, reliable LEDs.

Convert Upstairs Room to a Useful Space

Point of Contact: Emily

We have a lovely room with a view, full of tables and possibilities.

Create a Locking Door for our Community Tools

Point of contact: Al

Our tools cabinet is well-stocked, but needs a firm check-in/check-out process. Step one is making a secure door!

Project Room Bike Storage Separation

Point of contact: Al

Our project room has lots of room for volunteer projects, repairs, and refurbishments, but it’s very unclear what bikes should go where!

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