Basic bikes

Rental deposit and fees for Basic bike rentals are paid in person at the co-op upon pickup. Please consider our appointment availability when selecting the duration of your rental. We appreciate at least 48 hours notice before pick up.

We require a rental agreement, and a $200 security deposit to cover the value of the bike. 

  • $40/ half day (up to 5 hours, during our open hours)
  • $60/day (up to 24 hours*)
  • $100/week
  • $150/month
  • *an additional charge for pick up or drop off may apply during times we are closed.
  • To rent a Basic Bike, please email us at with the height (or, better, also include the leg length) of the rider to confirm availability and speed your pick-up. Drop-in rentals may take longer to process if we are busy with appointments.


Basic vs. Utility bikes

If you are commuting, or touring for a longer distance, you probably want a utility bike. If you need a bike for local sightseeing or a short trail, a basic bike will do fine.

Basic bikes are older-style mountain bikes with non-suspension forks and thumb shifters, with smoother, street tires. We also have in this fleet some commuter bikes with fenders and racks for basic transportation.

Utility bikes are higher-quality, touring or “gravel” road bikes, or rigid MTB and hybrids with flat, dropped, or turned-back (city) bars, street tires, lights, fenders, and means of carrying cargo. They are fitted and equipped to your specifications.

Children’s coaster-brake bikes, bike trailers (for kids or cargo), trail-a-bikes’ and car racks (trunk or receiver-hitch mounted):

  • $25/day
  • $40/week
  • $75/month

Other types of bikes

Tandems, recumbents, adult trikes, fat-tire bikes, E-bikes and other unusual types are 1.5 X the applicable (Basic or Utility) rental fee.

* Daily rentals must be picked up and dropped off during open hours or by appointment for closed times.

Lock, helmet, lights, and pump/tool kit, are included with any bikes, if needed. Other accessories available for an additional charge.


Rental terms

A deposit (and a valid ID) is required at time of bike pick-up, for the full replacement value of the bike and any accessories, which is refunded upon return of the bike.  If the bike is damaged, we will charge costs for parts and repair along with the rental fee.

A check is preferred for the security deposit: we will just staple it to your rental form, and hand it back to you when you return. This saves everyone credit card fees and paperwork.

Rental fees are charged when the bike is returned.

Reservation deposits for Utility bikes are are refunded by reducing the rental fee on return. That refund will not be returned if the bike is not rented, and may be reduced if additional, un-expected work is required to prepare a bike to the rider’s needs. 

* Rentals can be picked up or returned during our open hours (at the bottom of the page) or other times by appointment (an additional fee may apply, depending on day and time). 

Delivery or pick-up is available for up to 5 bikes for $50 within Cuyahoga County, plus $1/mile for travel beyond there.

We don’t charge for fractions of a rental period (i.e. after three weeks the monthly rate is cheaper, so that’s all we’d charge).

When you pick up a Basic bike we’ll help fit your bike and a helmet (if you didn’t bring your own), and have you take our short bike safety quiz while we do a final safety check on your bike — it’s important to us that you know how to ride safely, and that all rentals be running perfectly when they go out — so please leave enough time, especially on Saturdays, when we are quite busy.

Group bike rentals and Guided tours

We rent basic bikes for groups of 5 or more, who can provide their group’s leg lengths (watch and share this video) and security deposits at least two weeks (longer if possible) in advance. Invoicing is available for corporate or other organizations. Group rates are $30/bike for one day during open hours. Delivery is available for up to 50 bikes for $100 per trip anywhere in Cuyahoga County, and beyond for $2/mile additional.

We can also provide Guided tours, with or without bike rentals. We can customize a tour of any length, or present a private version of any of our 2-hour sightseeing tours of Downtown Cleveland. Guide fees are $100/hour, for a League Certified Instructor to lead up to 15 riders (an additional guide is required for each additional (up to) 15 riders.  Children must be accompanied by one adult rider per three kids. Bike rentals for our group tours are available at a discounted rate of $25/bike.

Groups need to book dates at least two weeks ahead, and must provide riders’ heights and leg lengths (via this form) at least 1 week ahead for sizing bikes: so we can tag each bike with the rider’s name. This will safe lots of bike adjusting, and give your group more time riding! 

It is a good idea to have an emergency contact for every rider on a sheet carried by someone in your group, and a cell phone number of someone within 10 min drive of the ride route, available during the ride with a vehicle that can carry at least one bike and rider.  We can provide more practical tips to share with your group ahead of the event as well.

Utility bikes

We require a reservation deposit of $50/bike to be paid at least one week in advance. This deposit is only for utility bikes, to cover the extra work to adjust and equip these bikes, and is deducted from the rental fee.

Utility bikes rental fees are:

  • $70/ half day
  • $100/day (up to 24 hours)
  • $200/week
  • $300/month
  • To rent a utility bike, you must contact us with at least one week notice (preferably more) and provide a reservation deposit and your desired cockpit dimensions (at right, on this page) so we have time to set the bike up to your specifications (if you need help to determine your bike fit, please ask! We can do this remotely or in person.)
  • When you arrive to pick up your bike you’ll complete a rental agreement, and pay a security deposit that covers the ($500-$2000) replacement value of the bike. We’ll take the time with you to be sure the bike fits well (and install your seat and/or pedals).

 To rent a Utility Bike, please provide your cockpit dimensions (if you have them) at least one week in advance!

We will select a utility bike with the components you request (as available), and match the fit of your own bike (or one you’re comfortable on), if you provide your bike’s cockpit dimensions, which are the measurements (in centimeters) from:

  • the center of the crank, to the top of the seat at its widest point (where your weight is supported most)
  • the top of the seat at its widest point, to the center of the handlebar (where it is clamped in the stem)
  • the center of the handlebar to the center of the crank

Please include those three measurements (and any other requirements below) when you reserve your utility bike. If you don’t supply cockpit dimensions, we will choose a bike that is safe based on your height or leg length (preferred), but can’t allot time for extra fitting or equipping when you pick up the bike.

We can install your own pedals or seat if you bring them in when you pick up the bike, but need that request in advance, with your reservation deposit, and any features/accessories you’d prefer (as available) from this list:

Bar style: flat, dropped, or turned-back (city) bars

Preferred shifters: (trigger, grip, bar-end, etc.)

Bags: trunk, handlebar, messenger, frame or pannier.

General: helmet, lock, lights, tools, fenders, rack, mirror.