Thanks for your interest in signing up for the bike basics classes! Please read the following and sign up below.

How much: $20 a class

How many classes: 4

When: Saturdays at 5pm

Bicycle Basics are the first classes anyone should take here at the OCBC. It covers Safety Checks, seat and handlebar adjustment for basic bike fit, chain lubing and the purpose of gears, basic tools to carry, and wheel removal and replacement.
This class is free with a bike bought from OCBC, but anyone can take it for a $20 registration.
This class covers the essentials to use a bike — in order of importance — Safely, Reliably, Economically, Efficiency Comfort, Usability, and Fashion (SREECUF: our goals are to help students avoid:

1. getting hurt (from mechanical failure, but also from poor bike size or fit),
2. walking home (by having a roadside repair they can’t fix),
3. spending too much at the bike shop (by wearing parts out prematurely or allowing cascading failures), or
4. being late (to work, or to the finish line; efficient cycling is faster and more fun, but is less important for practical cycling than safety, reliability, and economy)
NOTE: ”each rider’s priorities may move lower priorities up, but only the last two (EE) should be re-ordered for practical cycling). Comfort Fashion also plays a role, and is important for some cyclists’ satisfaction…”

This course also covers some parts replacement concepts, and, especially, common emergency repairs. There is some hands-on practice of needed skills in class, but for students to really practice and remember what they have learned, they should use the shop to practice by volunteering.

This course (and especially the first class) covers basics that some may know already, but we hope they may learn the best ways to explain these concepts to others, as we are looking for instructors also, so taking the course twice is useful.

Bike basics
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