Learn To Ride a Bike

We offer both group and individual lessons for learning how to ride a bike. Most people opt for one session, but if you decide you or your child need more instruction after one session, please let us know.

For the class, we have all sizes of “balance bikes” (without pedals, cranks or chains) that you can use in our parking lot, or borrow to practice with at home (with a $35 deposit).

We’ll lend you a helmet if you don’t bring one and show you how to get started with a balance bike, then how to start pedaling (and braking!) with your own bike or one of ours with pedals.

If the cost is a hardship, please ask about ways to volunteer that will be educational and fun, or about our Pay What You Can program.

Group Classes:

2023 Kids Learn to Ride Group Lessons:

  •  April: Tuesday, 4/25, 4:30pm
  • May: Tuesday, 5/23, 4:30pm
  • June: Wednesday, 6/14, 1:00pm
  • July: Wednesday, 7/12, 1:00pm and Tuesday, 7/25, 3:00pm
  • August: Wednesday, 8/16, 1:00pm
  • September: Tuesday, 9/26, 4:30pm
  • October: Thursday, 10/12, 4:30pm

Individual Lessons:

Private lessons for adults or children are $60 plus tax per one hour. If you have more than one child (or want to share your lesson with a friend), the cost for each additional person is $15 plus tax. Please email us at info@ohiocitycycles.org to schedule.