Tune-up Class Series

2023 Tune-up Class Schedule:










4 Weeks


New Sessions Begin the 1st Saturday of Each Month

Completion of our Tune-up class is a prerequisite for our Overhaul Class

How to keep a bike in safe, reliable working condition (without replacing components)

This hands-on course will take you through the process of doing a bike “tune-up” — what most bike shops do for $75-100 if nothing is broken or worn out.  Over four Saturdays, you will learn how to:

  • determine a bike’s condition, and if new component parts are advisable, or required
  • properly clean and lubricate all parts without disassembly
  • true wheels, adjust hub bearings, and change tires
  • adjust seat and handlebars for fit and comfort, and brakes and gears for peak performance
  • perform a safety check and test ride, which can be used for all types of bikes

You won’t use your own bike in class, but it will prepare you to work on your own bike with minimal help in our shop (with shop credits to cover the $5/hr cost of shop-use, or at home with common tools and just a few bike-specific ones.

To cover the most common components and repair issueswe use standardized bikes (with rigid forks, 21 gears, V brakes, 26″ wheels; and specific,consistent “problems” to fix) in class. But to reinforce what you learn in each class we encourage you to “adopt” a similar, “homework bike” from our stock of donated, used bikes, and repair it on your own (either in our shop after class, or at home before the next class). 

Your class bike can also be worked during our open times for extra practice, or in case you didn’t finishthat day’s work in class.  We strongly encourage all students to volunteer to work with components covered in each class to practice techniques and reinforce key concepts — and earn shop credits!
To guarantee a class space your registration must be paid, and/or covered with shop credits. If there are fewer than three students registered by Thursday before the first class, the series may be cancelled. If the class has reached its capacity of six students, you can still be put on a waiting list. Just email us.

We are a Park Tool School, and their Big Blue Book of Bicycle repair is available at a discount as a textbook when you register for this course. Park Tool also has great repair help videos here.

When: Each Saturday of every “4 Saturday” month from 9am – noon— (months with 5 Saturdays exclusively offer the upper level Overhaul class)

Where: OCBC’s shop in Downtown Cleveland’s Flats (parking access at 1775 Merwin Ave)

Who: any fully vaccinated adult (or youth, 12-17, working with one adult as a “unit,” on one bike)

How much: $150 per student “unit” (e.g. above)

Optional additional costs: Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair, $25

How many students per class: 6

Instructor/student ratio: 1:2

Shop credits earned: 40 

Reserving your space in class: To participate, you must pay for this series to reserve your space at least 7 days before class. If you have not paid online, in person, or via check by mail, we cannot guarantee you a space. 

Policy on missing a class: Registering for the class series includes attendance at 4 classes over the month. Since we have a fixed number of students, and each class builds on the previous classes, it is not possible to reschedule a missed class.  However, all class participants are welcome to “audit” any class in following courses (with emailed notice) if they were unable to attend or did not fully grasp all the concepts covered.  They may not be able to perform the hands-on repairs if class is full and there is not a work station available, but as always are welcome to do so by staying after class for Shop Use.

Cancellation policy: For a full refund, you may cancel your registration for a class series by calling or emailing us 10 days in advance of the first day of class (two Wednesdays before the class). This gives us time to advertise the vacancy and fill the spot. We’re sorry, but if you cancel within the 9 days before class, we cannot refund you. Filling the classes is important to us, so please be mindful when registering.

Volunteering credits can be used to pay for classes, but you must have 60 credits before the course begins to guarantee a spot.

Covid-19 safety requirements: Please wear masks in class. We have installed UV-C air filtration treatment, have >8′ of distance between workstation, and fully vaccinated staff who self-test if possible contagion is suspected.