Location: Ohio City Bicycle Co-op, 1779 Merwin Avenue Cleveland, OH 44113

Instructor: Dani

Maximum class size: 6 students

The best time to learn to fix a flat is before one happens on your ride. In this single session one and a half hour class, you’ll learn and practice tips and tricks on removing and replacing replacing a tube and tire. This skill is often referenced as a step for cyclists to feel more prepared to ride longer, farther, and in more remote locations. All participants receive a set of three new Park tool tire levers.

Topics covered:

  • Removing a wheel from a bike
  • Removing a tire from a wheel
  • Identifying the cause of a flat
  • Installing a replacement tube/tire

our policies:

cancellations: If there are fewer than 2 students registered by the Tuesday before the first class, the class may be cancelled and the students who registered will receive a full refund. If you realize you can no longer attend and would like a refund, you may cancel your registration by calling or emailing us at least 2 days in advance of the class (Tuesday before class). This gives us time to reach out to anyone who may be on our waitlist and fill the spot.

volunteering credits: Up to 2 spots in each Fix a Flat class can be paid for using volunteer credits. Feel free to use part volunteer credits and part cash/credit card. Credits used to pay for the class must be earned in advance of class registration (i.e., no volunteer credit IOU’s). If you’re interested in using your credits to pay for part or all of the class, reach out to us at info@ohiocitycycles.org (or ask Emily whenever you’re around the co-op).

Covid-19 safety: Many of our staff, volunteers, and students are older adults or immunocompromised individuals. We have installed UV-C air filtration in our community shop, and we will require masks inside the facility if  Covid-19 community levels are currently in the “medium” or “high” ranges. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and flexibility.

waitlist: If you’re interested in attending but the class is sold out, feel free to reach out to emily@ohiocitycycles.org to be put on our waitlist. Please indicate which month’s session you’re interested in.