Overhaul class series: How to take a bike apart, replace all the worn parts, and put it back together.  Sign Up Here

(To register for this course, you must have first completed OCBC’s Tune-up class series)

This hands-on course will take you through the process of doing a bike overhaul — what most bike shops do for $250 – $300, plus the cost of parts.  Over five Saturdays, you will learn how to:

  • disassemble, assess, lubricate, and re-assemble the headset, bottom bracket, and wheel bearing systems.
  • remove and replace brake and shift cables and housing, brake pads, and gear chainrings and clusters
  • inspect frame and fork alignment, and condition of all components
  • document seat and handlebar adjustments for exact re-assembly position
  • Tape handlebars

You won’t use your own bike in this course, but it will prepare you to work on yours at home or in our shop (We offer shop use for $5 or 5 credits per hour). We will provide all the bikes to be worked on in this course. This ensures the problems encountered on each bike will be consistent with the curriculum.

Volunteering is strongly encouraged to practice the techniques and concepts covered each week. Students may stay after class on Saturdays to volunteer, or they can schedule volunteer shifts at other times (Wednesdays – Fridays).

We are a Park Tool School, and their Big Blue Book of Bicycle repair is available at a discount as a textbook when you register for this course. Park Tool also has great repair help videos.

When: Saturdays from 9am – noon (Classes start promptly at 9:00am, so please plan to arrive by 8:45am.)

Months with 5 Saturdays usually *but not always* offer the upper level Overhaul class. We occasionally change the class schedule to accommodate holiday weekends. See our online store for exact class dates.

Where: OCBC’s shop in Downtown Cleveland’s Flats (1779 Merwin Ave. Cleveland, OH 44113)

Who: any adult (or youth, 12-17, working with one adult as a “unit,” on one bike)

How much: $245 per student “unit” (e.g. above)

Optional additional costs: Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair $20 (normally $29.99)

How many students per class: 6

Instructor/student ratio: 1:2

Shop credits earned: 40 


our policies:

missing a class: Registering for the class series includes attendance at 5 classes over the month. Since we have a fixed number of students, and each class builds on the previous classes, it is not possible to reschedule a missed class.  However, all class participants are welcome to “audit” any class in following courses (with emailed notice) if they were unable to attend or did not fully grasp all the concepts covered.  They may not be able to perform the hands-on repairs if class is full and there is not a work station available, but as always are welcome to do so by staying after class for Shop Use.

cancellations: If there are fewer than three students registered by Thursday before the first class, the series may be cancelled and the students who registered will receive a full refund. If you realize you can no longer attend and would like a refund, you may cancel your registration by calling or emailing us 10 days in advance of the first day of class (two Wednesdays before the class). This gives us time to advertise the vacancy and fill the spot. We’re sorry, but if you cancel within the 9 days before class, we cannot refund you. Filling the classes is important to us, so please be mindful when registering.

volunteering credits: Up to 2 spots in each tune up or overhaul class series can be paid for using volunteer credits. Feel free to use part volunteer credits and part cash/credit card. Credits used to pay for the class must be earned in advance of class registration (i.e., no volunteer credit IOU’s). If you’re interested in using your credits to pay for part or all of the class, reach out to us at info@ohiocitycycles.org (or ask Emily whenever you’re around the co-op).

Covid-19 safety: Many of our staff, volunteers, and students are older adults or immunocompromised individuals. We have installed UV-C air filtration in our community shop, and we will require masks inside the facility if  Covid-19 community levels are currently in the “medium” or “high” ranges. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and flexibility.

waitlist: Our tune up and overhaul class series have been filling up months in advance. If you’re interested in attending but the class is sold out, feel free to reach out to emily@ohiocitycycles.org to be put on our waitlist. Please indicate for which months you’re interested in.