"Farewell" from Erin, current volunteer coordinator

Written by Eric Gearhart
Friday, 23 September 2016 15:51

Dear folks,

I will be leaving OCBC to pursue a career in education, specifically becoming a classroom teacher. My work here has been really influential in that decision, since working with people (volunteers, students, shop-users, and customers alike) and helping them to understand something new is my favorite part of the job. I intend to go back to school in January and work toward getting my teaching license.

My experiences at OCBC have been eye-opening, in many ways. I’ve learned a lot and gained many skills: how to work on a bike, how to staff events, how to manage work flow, how to work with non-profit/community partners, and much more. In my opinion, the most important personal skill I’ve developed is how to recognize the skills present in every individual, and how to work with and support them. OCBC is a place where anybody can come to help out and I am grateful to have gotten to work alongside so many awesome people.

Between now and January, I will have consistent presence at OCBC, helping to hire a new volunteer coordinator and train that person for the role. I will also be transitioning into working as a substitute teacher, to practice classroom management and help decide what age group I’d like to teach. Hopefully I’ll teach a little yoga on the side (fingers crossed!). In the future, I will continue to be involved as a volunteer, specifically with the shop classes and whatever else the new volunteer coordinator needs me for!

Thank you all for reading and for working with me at OCBC. I truly appreciate my time spent here and the friendships I’ve made.


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