Thanks for your interest in bike basics classes! Please read the following and sign up below.

How much: $20 a class

How many classes: 4

When: Thursdays at 6pm

Bicycle Basics are the first classes anyone should take here at the OCBC.

The Bike Basics classes can be taken in any order, the class breakdown is here:
1. Bike fit: bike sizing and style choices, and fit adjustments
2. Wheels and tires: Simple wheel maintenance, and how to fix and avoid flats.
3. Brakes: simple adjustments and maintenance
4. Chain and gears: how they work, and simple adjustments and maintenance.
If you’d like more personalized education you can always make an appointment for shop use and we can address your specific needs at our regular shop labor rate of $60/hr — charged for the time we are teaching and working with you, not for the time you are practicing what you learn, which is covered by the regular $5/hr. Shop-use fee.

This course also covers some parts replacement concepts, and, especially, common emergency repairs. There is some hands-on practice of needed skills in class, but for students to really practice and remember what they have learned, they should use the shop to practice by volunteering.

This course (and especially the first class) covers basics that some may know already, but we hope they may learn the best ways to explain these concepts to others, as we are looking for instructors also, so taking the course twice is useful.

Bike basics
(first and last)