Kids Learn to ride class

Come and learn to ride without fear of falling using the balance bike method. 

The “balance bike” method:
You probably already know how to pedal a bike from riding a tricycle, or on a stationary bike or with training wheels, so that’s easy. The hard part is finding your balance, and keeping it.  So you won’t have to worry about falling, the easiest way to learn to balance is by sitting on the seat and pushing the bike along with your feet on the ground, instead of on the pedals. (See the instructions here for the full class procedure — and read that with/to your child before your class, for the best comprehension!)

After signing up/before class: Be sure to wear closed toe shoes, bring a helmet and your bike (we will have balance bikes available if needed), and anything else you may need for a couple hours of outdoor activity. If you develop any cold, flu, or COVID symptoms anytime in the weeks leading up to your class, please let us know, and we can either refund you, or reschedule a private session after you’ve recovered. Please also bring any gloves, sanitizer, or masks that you may need, our supplies are limited.

Class fee is $25. After filling out the form, you will be redirected to our online shop where you can pay with a credit card. Please watch this video on how to measure your child’s leg length, and input that in the form below, so we can select appropriately sized balance bikes before you arrive. If you have one, you are also strongly encouraged to bring your child’s own bicycle to see if it will be mechanically safe and an appropriate size for them.

Kids learn to ride course
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