We currently have a waitlist for PWYC financial assistance. If you or your client would like to get on the waitlist, please email us at pwyc@ohiocitycycles.org.

Availability of Funding:

OCBC’s ability to help customers through the PWYC program depends on donations from other customers and community members. We cannot guarantee that financial assistance will be available at any particular time. Additionally, our stock of refurbished bikes fluctuates throughout the year. Funds through the PWYC program are meant to supplement any amount that customers or social service agencies can pay. If the referring agency or customer is able to afford any part of the cost of goods or services, they are required to make a financial contribution toward the purchase.

Eligibility Criteria:

OCBC can cover up to the full cost of a bike or repair in these situations:

  • The customer is living in a domestic violence or homeless shelter or outside.
  • The customer is enrolled in a drug or alcohol treatment program.
  • The customer’s income is less than 150% of the federal poverty line.
  • The customer is receiving SSID or veteran’s disability benefits.
  • The customer is currently attending a psychiatric partial hospitalization program.
  • The customer is receiving SNAP (food stamps), WIC (Women, Infants, and Children), or Medicaid benefits.

If none of the above apply, we can still cover up to half the cost of a bike or repair if:

Application Process:

Customers can access our PWYC program two ways: (1) social service agency referrals or (2) direct application to OCBC.

Social Service Agency Referrals:

Social service agency staff who wish to refer a customer must email pwyc@ohiocitycycles.org to request a copy of the social service agency referral form.  OCBC does not require a referring provider to accompany the customer to the appointment, though it can be helpful.

If a customer is referred to OCBC by an agency, the fully completed Social Service Agency Referral google form serves as documentation of need. No other documentation is required.

Direct Application:

Customers who apply to the PWYC program without a referral from a social service agency must submit a photo ID (if they have one) and documentation showing financial need. Additionally, we need to have a copy of the current year OCBC PWYC Customer Information Sheet on file for them. An OCBC staff member or volunteer will assist them in completing that information sheet at their appointment.

We will accept the following as documentation of need:

  • A paystub from the last 90 days
  • A 1040 tax return from last calendar year
  • A letter from an employer clearly stating where the customer works and how much they are paid.
  • A letter from the Social Security Administration showing a customer’s SSID or retirement income amount.
  • Official documentation showing a customer is living in a shelter, enrolled in a drug or alcohol treatment program, or attending a psychiatric partial hospitalization program.
  • A statement of benefits from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services showing a customer has SNAP or Medicaid benefits.
  • Documentation from a WIC clinic showing a customer receives WIC benefits.
  • A letter from the Veterans Administration showing a customer receives veterans benefits.
  • A lease or other documentation from a housing authority showing a customer receives Section 8 housing assistance.