OCBC Code of Conduct/Safe Spaces Policy:

Code of Conduct

OCBC is a community space, with people from all walks of life volunteering, shopping, and working on their own bikes.  To ensure that everyone has a positive, worthwhile experience, we ask everyone to follow our basic rules, or “The three Rs”.


  1. Respect (treating others with decency) 
  2. Resourcefulness (not wasting anything, including time)
  3. Reciprocity (getting out what you put in).


  • Please put tools and materials where they belong, learn and follow our procedures, and ask first if you are unsure of anything you do. 
  • When volunteering or using the shop for your own purposes, please work safely and carefully, use the proper tool for each job, wear appropriate clothes, safety gear and and ask first if you are unsure of anything you do. 
  • Visitors should avoid visiting if they are ill, or know they have been in contact with someone who has been within 10 days. If a visit cannot be put off while experiencing illness or while recently exposed to illness, a face mask will be required.
  • Shop credits, break-room food, and staff advice for personal shop use are reciprocal thank-you gestures for volunteers’ help: please donate money if you are able for freely-given technical staff assistance when using the shop. 
  • OCBC is not a secure space.  Safeguard your valuables as in any public place. Do not bring any illicit or banned materials into it.
  • We have many visitors, some of whom may be disabled, elderly, small children, or pets. Please be sure to work safely, and keep work areas clear and free of hazards.
  • Be proactive for your own workspace: ALWAYS use appropriate eye, ear, breathing, and body protections, and ensure those working around you respect your physical safety (“Would you use that power saw outside, please?”). 
  • Do not wear open-toe shoes, sandals or flip flops; or loose fitting clothing or hairstyles that could become tangled in moving parts.
  • Log in when working on your own bike; do not work on your bike anywhere except in the shop. Appointments are strongly recommended for shop use. Shop use availability cannot be guaranteed without an appointment.
  • Respect the sobriety policy of this space.  We serve the entire community, and that includes people in various types and stages of recovery. If you are under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any  intoxicants, you will be asked to leave. If this behavior persists, you will be asked to leave and not return.
  • OCBC is pet friendly, you are responsible for your pet’s behavior and actions.


Safe Spaces Policy

Everyone entering the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op is asked to be aware of their language and behavior, and if it might be harmful to others. We do not permit any physical or verbal violence; touching or propositioning people without their consent; expressions of intolerance of another’s race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs; or any other language or behavior that may be belittling, oppressive, or degrading.


Please keep the following guidelines in mind when volunteering, or visiting the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op:

    • Respect everyone’s physical and emotional boundaries. Listen and change your behavior if someone tells you that you are making them uncomfortable.
    • Refrain from using inappropriate language, or discussing topics that might be triggering (e.g. contentious political issues, sexual abuse, sexual experiences, physical violence, or encounters with the police). Be responsible for your own actions. Be aware that your actions can have an effect on others which may not match your intentions.
    • Respect everyone’s stated name and preferred pronouns. Do not assume anyone’s gender identity, sexual preference, race, survivor status, economic status, background, health, etc.
  • Racial bias is a real thing in our world, and can no longer be ignored. Bicycles have no racial bias, and neither does the OCBC. We don’t care what your beliefs are, but we do care about how your expression of them affects our other volunteers and patrons. We expect you to treat everyone equally well while you are within the co-op

If you are in a difficult situation with someone at OCBC, as long as there is no danger of physical harm, please consider taking the time to de-escalate the situation if you are emotionally able and then defer to staff for mediation or other action if needed.  If that is not possible, disengage immediately and notify a staff member.

If you experience or witness any behavior that you feel crosses these boundaries or makes you feel uncomfortable, please find a staff member and let them know. We are here to ensure that EVERYONE can use this space without fear of physical and/or emotional danger. 

By entering the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op, and/or participating in the activities of the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op, you agree to abide by these guidelines.

For anyone identified by staff as not upholding this safe space policy, misusing the co-op’s resources, or failing to positively contribute to the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op while volunteering, here is how we will respond:

  • As soon as we are aware of the situation we will tell them what was wrong, and the right thing to do, and make a confidential record of that conversation.
  • If that person fails to follow these principles again we will do the same things but talk about it privately with another staff or present, try to agree on a solution, and, together, document this second warning and proposed solution in writing.
  • If it happens again we will then ask them to leave immediately and not return.
  • Anyone who is violent, verbally abusive, purposefully offensive, or caught stealing will simply be asked to leave immediately and not return. 
  • Individuals directed to leave and not return will be documented by staff with name, date and details of the situation that led to this action. 
  • A banned individual may become eligible to return to the Co-op by providing:
    • An explanation of how they have changed to avoid the behavior that caused the action.
    • An apology in writing or in person to anyone that they harmed. 
  • This reconciliation request must be made no sooner than six months, or more than 12 months from the date they were banned. Return to the Co-op is at the discretion of and unanimous agreement by the injured party(s), the Executive Director, any staff who had interactions with the individual, and the President of the OCBC Board of Directors, and will be made within one month of a formal request. 


This procedure has been adopted so that everyone may benefit from the co-op’s resources without hindering anyone else from doing so.