We are pleased to see more community bike programs emerging, and we are eager to help them succeed by sharing whatever resources and experience we can.  Here is the “package” of discounts, training, and support we offer for organizations starting bike libraries, neighborhood co-ops and DIY spaces, Bike Camps, or other cycling programs.

Over the years we have done lots of on-site training of staff and volunteers for various bike programs. After lots of hours designing custom programs we have found it cheaper, easier, and more educational for the partner organization to enroll individuals or small groups in our “in-shop” programs, and then have a much shorter period of on-site training to adapt what they have learned to their organization’s specific needs.

The in-shop training is not always mandatory for a partner organization to access other benefits, but is very important experience for staff or volunteers who are not experienced cyclists or bike shop mechanics — and, even if they are, it will give them good teaching techniques to use themselves.

For mechanical programs, enrolling key staff or volunteers in OCBC’s Shop Class series will give them hands-on training in the basics of a bike tune up. Volunteering after that would give them invaluable practice, with guidance and further training, while they earn shop credits that can be used to purchase materials for the organization, or for personal use, as a reward for their efforts.

For riding programs, our Traffic Skills Intro ride would be the minimum ride leaders’ training in best practices for safe and legal cycling on streets, sidewalks, paths or trails (and leading groups of cyclists). Certification from the League of American Bicyclists to teach that curriculum, if desired, would require passing our full Traffic Skills 101 course to then be eligible for a 26 hour certification seminar from the League, which offers LCI seminars every month or so. This League training in proven teaching techniques includes a layer of liability insurance as well.

On-site training at the partner organization’s site would then expand on the basic principles from our in-shop training. We provide consultation on program design and techniques for presenting group rides, bike camps, and rodeos, and/or tool selection, shop set-up, and repair procedures. We aim to help partner groups “choose their battles” when it comes to what is worth fixing, how much of what parts to keep on hand, etc. based on their internal capacity, strategic planning, and the recommendations in our advice to new community bicycle programs.

Our presentation fee is $100 per hour of participatory training time which can be used in one-hour increments, usually on site at the program location. We do not charge for a reasonable amount of advanced preparation via email or in person to learn about the partner group’s goals and resources, or for written follow-up recommendations.

With 5 hours of program-consulting presentation we also offer:

  • “As-is” bikes — which we have assessed, evaluated and prepped — at 1/6 of our retail price, so ~ $10 to $40 ea.
  • Sorted and evaluated used parts (by the bucket — bring your own!) for free, as available.
  • New items for 30% off retail (e.g. repair parts like cables, chains, etc.; accessories like locks and helmets; or tools to equip a shop, a kids’ bike program, or a ride “sag” van).
  • We are happy to share our documented shop procedures (enhanced printed versions of the tasks found here, and many others) for partner groups to adapt (with attribution).

To discuss group partnership arrangements please email Jim@OhioCityCycles.org or stop in to visit our operation.