We at OCBC are deeply saddened by the racial inequity exemplified by the death of George Floyd and Tamir Rice and countless others who have suffered due to racial injustice.  Racial bias can no longer be ignored in our community.  

Respect was a founding principle of the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op, and, along with Resourcefulness and Reciprocity, these values still guide our work today. While we have learning and growth ahead, we do all we can to provide an inclusive space and promote anti-racist structures. As a co-operative, growth must occur within all members: staff, directors, volunteers, and all who visit our space.  

In 2018 OCBC established a Bicycling and Diversity Alliance Safe Space group to offer a dedicated shop-use and volunteering time for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, folks with differing abilities, LGBTQIA+, and we welcome new members.  If interested, email allies@ohiocitycycles.org.

Last year we developed a safe space policy.  Provide your input to ensure that a safe space will be created, especially for People of Color.  Please send any feedback on our Safe Space Policy and our Non-Discrimination Policy to SafeSpaceFeedback@ohioCityCycles.org.  

We recognize that our organization is primarily run by white folks.  Without current open paid positions, we welcome interns, volunteers and director applications from people passionate about diversity and inclusion.  If interested in a Board of Directors position, please email taugustin@ohiocitycycles.org with your resume and letter of intent. 

As a person that receives our newsletter or visits our shop, you are effectively a member of the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op.   Please strive to embrace the discomfort that our structure and members may hold, expect a challenge as we grow and make mistakes, and commit each day and every conversation to creating a more just world together.   

We support the local organizers striving for racial justice.  Bike Cleveland has shared a list of anti-racism reading materials.   A Ride for Justice hosted by @DevahD is expected to occur each month.  Other resources include the Business Volunteers Unlimited Pledge for racial equality, Building a Multi-ethnic, Inclusive and Anti-racist Organization, Practicing Non-violent communication to combat racist microaggressions, YWCA Racial Justice and Social Justice Challenge. Move to End Violence virtual learning series.  Or test your own Implicit Biases with a Harvard test.

Theresa Augustin, President, OCBC Board of Directors